Easy Ways to Make Money Online Are Finally Discovered: Introducing L LoyaltePays a Better Way to Earn Money From Home!

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 15, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The home based business industry just got its new innovation- LoyaltePays.com, a platform with a unique Business Model that helps people, like you, to make money online quicker and easier than ever before http://www.loyaltepays.com

The founder of LoyaltePays.com Heide Holtz has officially put the home based business industry on notice: old ways to make money online will soon be outdated as Loyaltepays introduces the get paid to share business model, a simple solution where regular internet users and internet marketing experts equally benefit from each other and get paid to build their own business and earn more passive income. This business model recognizes that loyalty and sharing of information products can and should be rewarded and Heide Holtz embraced it with full force!

The Founder of LoyaltePays Heide Holtz added, "We welcome everyone that shares our vision, and understands that making available info products to others with re-branding rights will result in massive web traffic back to their business and at the same time it becomes a marketing tool for new entrepreneurs to start their own business. When you become an inspiration to others you are truly embracing the Loyaltepays business model, and you will not only be promoting your business -at absolutely no cost to you-, but you'd be helping others start their own business at the same time. And that certainly feels great. We are looking for mentors that understand that sharing is rewarding."

According to Holtz, this interactive business model –get paid to share- is a creative way to help new entrepreneurs start their own businesses while creating massive exposure for the information product owner. Where most companies in this market space create temporary buzz and short term goals, give access only to their products and training, our platform additionally provides resources, traffic and tools to simplify the business process.

The business model attracts information product owners who have eBooks, Videos, Webinars, PDF reports, etc., that are worth sharing with the world. LoyaltePays is the perfect outlet to share this knowledge, get compensated, build reputation, establish preeminence and increase cashflow.

LoyaltePays is so much more than just giving away information products for free. The membership includes the following:

  1. Rebranding tools which is the most effective way to build your business
  2. Circle of influence- leveraging the mastermind groups within the community
  3. Lead generation methods
  4. Traffic resources to generate a flood of opt-ins and recurring income
  5. Great opportunity for business owners to publish their eBooks, Videos, Webinars and get paid to promote their own business, products and services

The beauty of Loyaltepays is that everyone can put together an e-book and create their own library of books. Each member will be able to create e-products that are just as good from their own professional experience with fresh and awesome content to share.

In a quite recent interview with a publicist Tatyana Gann, Heide Holtz stated, "Loyaltepays is going to be different. We are excited about our launch on December 1, 2011. We look forward to establishing a place where members can connect, work with each other, create products together, and promote each other. I want to create an environment that unites and empowers others. This is about getting paid to share the information you like, anywhere you like."

To claim your FREE copy of "Get Paid to Build Your Business" and the re-brander tool that will allow you to insert your own affiliate id's and get paid for simply sharing it, go to LoyaltePays Free Registration for immediate access.

If you have information products that you would like to publish visit Loyaltepays e-Product Competition page now.

Heide Holtz is the founder of LoyaltePays.com and the Author of the eBook "Get Paid to Build Your Business" and she was also directly involved in the design and development of the Loyaltepays business model, Loyalty plug-in tool, e-Library, Cross Publication interface and the PDF and Video re-brander tools. To contact Heide and subscribe to the latest internet marketing tips go to http://facebook.com/loyaltepays

 For media inquiries, please contact Tatyana Gann, publicist at 615.354.7625 or email smokinhotpr@gmail.com

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