Sionix Corporation Provides Updates on Pending Projects in Nigeria and North Dakota

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 21, 2011) - Sionix Corporation (OTCBB: SINX) ("Sionix" or the "Company") a designer of patented water treatment systems, provided today updates related to the Company's forthcoming project with ANA Global Corporation, which specializes in construction projects in West Africa, and Sionix' development of a Brine Recycling Facility ("BRF") in the Williston Basin of North Dakota.

In August 2011, Sionix signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with ANA Global for the purchase of two Sionix mobile water treatment systems (MWTS) to be installed in a cooperative housing project in Abuja, Nigeria. In a recent discussion with ANA management, Sionix has learned that infrastructure engineering has been delayed and that the current LOI is not expected to convert to a definitive purchase order until late winter/early spring 2012. Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc. (PACE), Sionix' engineering partner, is expected to receive the contract for the specification and design of the water infrastructure, a project that must be completed before Sionix can finalize configuration of the MWTS. This contract is expected to be awarded before the end of 2011.

James R. Currier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sionix, commented, "Construction of the cooperative housing project in Abuja is on track to be completed and ready for occupancy by December 2012. We are also looking into other joint projects with ANA Global, as we see excellent opportunities for us to build out our operations in West Africa. Our unique technology enables customers in a variety of industries to reduce their environmental footprint at a significantly lower cost than alternative water treatment systems, and we believe that forming a partnership with ANA Global will enable us to establish our patented water treatment systems in countries that share a need for continuous availability of clean, fresh, drinkable water from waste water sources."

Additionally in August 2011, Sionix signed an agreement to lease property for the installation and operation of a BRF in the Williston Basin of North Dakota. Members of the Sionix management team recently visited the region to interview local and state regulatory authorities and inspect current drilling activities in an effort to enhance the Company's understanding of the present drilling, hydrofracturing and operating procedures relevant to the design, installation and operation of the BRF.

"We are seeking to recycle flowback water from the hydrofracturing operations of the Oil and Gas industry in the Bakken Shale Formation of the Williston Basin to reduce stress on North Dakota's fresh water resources without impairing the economic benefit the state enjoys from these important energy harvesting operations," remarked Mr. Currier. "Currently oil companies in the area tend to discharge frack waste, which is heavily contaminated with brine, directly into nearby injection wells and continually access fresh water supplies for their hydrofracturing operations. Interviews with current hydrofracturing operators reveals wells are hydrofractured up to 40 times before sufficient energy resources are liberated, with current averages between 15 to 18 fracking events per well. With more than 5,000 oil wells in North Dakota expected by the end of 2011 and over 21,000 oil wells expected by the time the oil shale reserve in North Dakota is fully developed, North Dakota fresh water reserves for drilling and hydrofracturing in the Williston Basin are expected to draw up to 5.5 billion gallons of water annually for as many as 2 decades. This results in a significant depletion of fresh water resources, and we believe that our patented MWTS products will provide the region with cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions for treating flowback water from hydrofracturing operations."

About Sionix Corporation

Sionix designs innovative and advanced Mobile Water Treatment Systems (MWTS) intended for use in energy projects including subterranean fracturing used in oil and gas drilling, government facilities, healthcare facilities, emergency water supplies, housing development projects, and various other industrial processes. These systems can be located adjacent to contaminated water sites or as a pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and other membrane applications. Industries involved in dairy, agribusiness, meat processing, mining, poultry operations, and many others can benefit from Sionix' cost-effective, easily maintained, portable water treatment systems. For more information about the company, go to

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Using a patented dissolved air flotation (DAF) technology packaged in a mobile shipping container, air bubbles are injected and float organic contaminants to the surface where, according to management estimates, 99.95% of such contaminants are skimmed off, and a majority of inorganic contaminants are also captured and removed. Historically, DAF systems created bubbles that were 50+ microns in size, which were unable to remove all contaminants due to their size. The Sionix MWTS utilizes and refines DAF technology to provide a pre-treatment process using ambient oxygen and minimal chemical flocculent aids that is efficient and cost-effective. The patented Sionix technology makes micro-bubbles which allow a much greater percentage of contaminants to be captured, floated to the surface and skimmed off, without harmful chemicals.

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