Devicescape Unveils Q3 2011 Wi-Fi Report Results

Results From Survey Confirm Consumer Perceptions of Wi-Fi Superiority in Price, Performance and Availability, While Quarter-Over-Quarter Network Growth Exceeds Expectations

SAN BRUNO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 22, 2011) - Devicescape today unveiled results from its third quarter 2011 Wi-Fi Report, revealing Wi-Fi's continued adoption, consumer preference and expansive ubiquity. The survey queried 1040 Devicescape users, a cross-section that includes a variety of professionals and students.

The report also highlights increased growth of the Devicescape Virtual Wi-Fi Network by 74% from last quarter, with more than four million hotspots around the world. Operators continue to leverage Devicescape's Virtual Wi-Fi Network to extend their network and allow for data offloading from cellular to Wi-Fi.

Key findings from the "Q3 2011 Devicescape Wi-Fi Report" showed:

  • Almost 82 percent of respondents say that Wi-Fi is very important when it comes to using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Wi-Fi takes the lead over cellular networks, with 88 percent of respondents agreeing that rich media such as video runs much faster on Wi-Fi.
  • A staggering 82.9 percent of respondents expect their service provider to provide them with a bundled Wi-Fi network service.
  • Twenty-six percent of respondents are not aware that many service providers are data capping smartphone plans.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots are clearly in demand, with 78.7 percent of respondents relying on Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity needs while roaming.

Wi-Fi Continues its Reign
Wi-Fi consistently proves its merit among consumers who perceive the value of Wi-Fi, higher quality rich media services and lower cost phone bills. According to the latest Devicescape Wi-Fi Report, 86 percent of respondents believe that data runs better on Wi-Fi, and an even larger percentage -- 88 percent -- perceive it to be a less-expensive alternative to 3G.

Service providers are also realizing the value of Wi-Fi and how it can supplement consumer usage. With recent discussions around data capping, the consumer wants alternatives so that dissatisfaction does not grow. In this quarter's survey, 74 percent of respondents are aware of data capping and would declare their dissatisfaction if faced with it. Conversely, respondents stated that an offer of an unlimited data plan would most certainly sway a purchase decision. The service providers have an opportunity to leverage the capabilities of Wi-Fi to increase consumer satisfaction and maintain their subscriber base.

Indeed, consumers are also quite savvy about pricing, and have high expectations of their service providers. Eighty-one percent of respondents assume that service providers will deliver a Wi-Fi network as part of a bundled solution, and 88 percent assume that automatic roaming will also be included.

Most consumers (58 percent) are indifferent to who provides their Wi-Fi service. But for those who are loyal to their Wi-Fi provider, it is mostly due to the number of access points available. Whether their brand has an international footprint proved to be inconsequential in comparison.

Given the spectacular rate of adoption and general attitude toward Wi-Fi (not to mention the fact that 3G/4G/LTE are struggling to support the insatiable appetite of today's data intensive users), data offloading to a Wi-Fi network will be one of the more cost-effective solutions for wireless providers to explore in the near term.

"Wi-Fi has the ability to take our mobile society into the future -- benefiting both operators and consumers by its inherent ability to help keep performance issues and high operational costs at bay," said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. "It's exciting to watch Wi-Fi's growth and popularity reflected in the pervasiveness of our Virtual Wi-Fi Network."

A Virtual Wi-Fi Network
The Devicescape Virtual Wi-Fi Network is the fastest-growing and highest-quality hotspot network available. Formed by a continuous process of discovering, classifying and monitoring unmanaged Wi-Fi access points, the Network has in fact grown by 74% since last quarter. It now stands at over four million hotspots worldwide, catering to millions of Wi-Fi users daily.

This reliable, global and Virtual Wi-Fi Network enables operators to cut capital and operational expenditures. The Devicescape Virtual Wi-Fi Networks extends an operators own network, ultimately providing more capacity. Operators use the Devicescape Virtual Wi-Fi Network to offload data from rich media devices like smartphones and tablets from cellular to Wi-Fi, seamlessly. By maximizing data offload and embracing new networks, operators experience improved customer experience, reduced operator expense and the ability to defer capital investment.

Devicescape Wi-Fi Report Methodology

Devicescape polled 1040 Wi-Fi users, representing a cross-section of Devicescape's overall user base. The survey questions were developed by Devicescape and a cross-section of industry Wi-Fi leaders. Devicescape members include a wide array of working professionals from a variety industries as well as students in the United States and around the world.

About Devicescape
Devicescape is a leading provider of advanced Wi-Fi solutions that enable mobile network operators to offload data traffic from congested cellular networks to the Devicescape Virtual Wi-Fi Network. Encompassing a global footprint of more than 4 million hotspots, Devicescape's curated network grows continuously and manages more than 10 million connections per day. This scalable and cost-effective solution easily integrates with any mobile network infrastructure and provides an automated and seamless Wi-Fi experience for mobile subscribers. Devicescape partners with global wireless operators and device manufacturers to leverage the value and power of Wi-Fi within their own networks.

Headquartered in San Bruno, California, the company is privately held and backed by leading venture capital companies including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital, Enterprise Partners, and JAFCO. To learn more, please visit

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