SRC Announces the Release of 8.8 Liter Natural Gas Industrial Engine

Springfield, Missouri, UNITED STATES

Springfield, MO, Dec. 5, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation’s (SRC) Automotive division proudly announces the release of its innovative LoadMaster 8.8 liter natural gas industrial engine. SRC Automotive will unveil the engine at Power Gen International in Las Vegas on December 13, 2011.

The new LoadMaster engine--which was fully designed, tooled and assembled in the U.S.--provides a 25% higher output than a previous model and is expected to produce a 5% higher output than the competition. The LoadMaster series is available as a long block through SRC Automotive, Inc., or a complete custom, EPA certified package through SRC Power Systems, Inc.  

The 8.8 liter engine platform increases output and efficiency. In addition, its intake valves, exhaust valves, and seats are treated with a proprietary cryogenic process developed by SRC Automotive. Treating critical metal engine components with this revolutionary process significantly improves product durability by increasing resistance to metal fatigue and abrasion without adding increased weight.

 "While considered exotic at first, it’s now become standard procedure in the racing world and it’s just one of the things that have pushed these power plants to the next level," Marty Callison, President of SRC Automotive, said.

SRC Automotive designed the engines in cooperation with IMPCO Technologies, an industry leader in alternative fuel systems, and Dart Machinery, an industry leader in quality engine castings. Together this partnership is delivering the value and solution to a market demand.

The SRC Automotive LoadMaster 8.8 liter engine platform is capable of serving the industrial, bus and transit, RV, heavy-duty and automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The industrial market will enjoy the ease of installation of the LoadMaster as compared to the former market unit. All other on-road applications will experience reduced emissions, peak performance and lower operating costs.

 "The Loadmaster 8.8 Liter engine will exceed the market’s expectations. It is an engine the marketplace has been asking for and we are proud to be able to deliver it," Jack Stack, CEO of SRC Holding Corporation, said.

LoadMaster 8.8 Liter Engine Specifications

Displacement 8.8L (535 cid)
Compression Ratio 10.2 : 1
Bore and Stroke 4.350 in x 4.500 in (110.5 mm x 114.3 mm)

SRC Automotive is a privately held division of SRC Holdings. Since 1999, SRC Automotive has been remanufacturing gasoline engine and components with some of the world’s most well-known automotive and marine brands. The company may be accessed worldwide at

SRC Power Systems is a privately held division of SRC Holdings. SRC Power Systems has been specializing in the design and assembly of power unit systems since 1988 and is known in the industry as a fast and flexible solution provider in the agricultural, industrial, power generation and oil/gas markets. The company may be accessed worldwide at



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