Honoring Our Fallen Inc. Serves Families of Our Fallen

Cypress, California, UNITED STATES

Cypress, CA, Dec. 6, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Honoring Our Fallen provides unique support for Families of Our Fallen, specifically during the Transfer of Dignified Remains, nationwide.

While serving as Public Affairs Officer at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base in 2009, Laura Herzog saw that Military Casualty Assistance personnel had a large number of duties during the transfer of remains. She also saw families of our fallen who could not cope with their own details surrounding the arrival of their fallen hero.  Herzog respectfully took that burden away from families during the most difficult time of their lives, even though every situation and every family was different.

Herzog also worked with families regarding their requests on media participation and whether or not to have a full parade or a quiet, private welcome home for their fallen hero.  Laura's diligence has bridged the gap between the military and the families she supports. 

When Herzog became a budget cut casualty in early 2011, she felt compelled to continue working with Gold Star families and founded Honoring Our Fallen. In less than a year, Honoring Our Fallen has been nationally recognized by all branches of the U.S. Military, corporations, the media and even the White House.

Families of police, fire and other local emergency responders also receive assistance, giving back to those who protect us everyday at home while spending precious time away from their families.

Honoring Our Fallen’s Executive Board of Directors includes a retired Major General, two police officers, a member of the media, and members of our fallen families who serve on the Advisory Board.

Honoring Our Fallen, a 501 ( c ) (3) corporation, is currently seeking funding from the business community and private donations.  Upcoming support events include a Birthday/Holiday Toy Drop for Children of Our Fallen, a Gold Star Family Ball and Operation Stitches of Appreciation.

For more information, log onto, www.honoringourfallen.org , or contact Laura Herzog at 800-796-6359 or via e-mail laura@honoringourfallen.org  .



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