Photographers Share Secrets to Better Shots in 'That Picture Stinks'

PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwire - Dec 21, 2011) - Now that anyone with a phone is a shutterbug, professional photographers Judy Holmes and Greg Baer offer tips for taking better pictures in their new how-to book, "That Picture Stinks," (

"Taking good pictures is about so much more than pointing and shooting," says Holmes, a 20-year outdoor photographer.

Adds co-author Baer, whose photos have appeared in magazines and on greeting cards and calendars for more than 15 years, "While there are many things that make a bad picture, there are three basic problems: they're too light or dark, the composition is poor or people don't use the flash enough."

The pair's tips include:

  • Avoid the "auto mode." It should be the setting of last resort. Instead, learn where to point the camera to "fool" it into giving you the perfect exposure. Want the sunset deep and dark? Baer says point at the lightest area. Want the snow bright? Point at the darkest area.

  • Don't shoot down on the kids. Adults who take pictures of children from a standing position create shadows, awkward poses and perspective issues. Instead, get down on the floor and take pictures head-on from their level. You'll get more of them in the shot, their eyes won't be squinting from looking up at you into the sun, and the perspective will show a normally proportioned child. Do the same for pets.

  • Add flash to portraits in bright sunshine. Taking pictures in the bright sun can cause dark shadows on your subject. Turning the flash on instead of "auto flash" will help to lighten the shadows and balance the picture. If possible, move your subject to a more shady area to avoid squinting eyes. Again, use the flash to light up the face.

About Judy Holmes And Greg Baer

Judy Holmes has been a professional outdoor photographer for 20 years, specializing in capturing nature's motion and magic, often in extreme weather. "That Picture Stinks!" is her fourth photography book.

Greg Baer has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years, with images published in magazines and on cards and calendars. He runs Corporate Cards 4 U, utilizing his photography to help businesses communicate.

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