MSNBC's Your Business names Shpoonkle "Website of the Week"

Shpoonkle is making the news with free services to help legal professionals and consumers.

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Miami,, Dec. 22, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shpoonkle a free legal services site designed to help consumers and legal professionals, was featured as the "website of the week" on MSNBC's Your Business on December 18th. Shpoonkle enables consumers and businesses to "Make Justice Affordable." Shpoonkle is an international legal reverse auction free site and is quickly becoming a global leader in centralizing a free legal marketplace. Shpoonkle offers a wide range of services designed to empower people through Shpoonkle - aiming at aiding attorneys and clients, any time, any place, and on any device. Shpoonkle is not a referral service. The services on the site are free to both attorneys and clients.

On Shpoonkle, attorneys are actively connecting and interacting with consumers. Clients are actively seeking help and legal representation on Shpoonkle. The site provides a user friendly interface that removes the intimidation factor that many clients feel when faced with the stress of seeking an attorney. Clients and attorneys register using anonymous usernames, and contact information is not exchanged until the auction is completed and a winning attorney is selected. All contact information is blocked during the auction process. The attorney and client can communicate confidentially during the auction with their posts on the case (similar to the "eBay" auction model), and are free to detail their experience and background as an attorney on the bid. Bidding attorneys see the competing bids and drive the cost of the service down. Clients are not typically picking the lowest bid, but the one they deem is fair. Client's considerations include the attorneys experience, how they represented themselves during the auction, and other factors individual to each client.

"Do you need a lawyer, but are dreading those legal fees? To help consumers make better choices, check out the website of the week:," said MSNBC's Your Business. "Shpoonkle checks to make sure all attorneys are in good standing before they are allowed to bid."

A perfect example, a client has a car accident and needs an attorney. Instead of a spending countless hours meeting with attorneys, relating a stressful legal issue, to only find out you cannot afford the attorney’s fee or retainer, consumers now can find legal help from anywhere and anytime at a price they can afford. Conversely, the legal provider is saving time by meeting with clients "virtually," and has a better chance of converting that consult to an actual client. Why, because before they meet he knows their issue and they can afford his fee.

Many of our members with cases like this example have gotten a significantly lower rate and are saving thousands on their legal costs.

Another element of Shpoonkle’s productivity is the aspect of competition. The client posts a case anonymously; multiple attorneys see the case and bid on it. They see the competing bids and the corresponding background and messages of other attorneys. Competition is a known driving force in productivity. There are definitive and proven links between competition, innovation and productivity growth in business for the long run. Shpoonkle is leveraging all of these factors for a productive process that facilitates affordable legal services.

Legal professionals and consumers are flooding the web site because it works and it is free.

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