Ninety-Nine Percent of Businesses Rate Stratus Service and Support Ahead of Server Competitors

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - Jan 10, 2012) - Three hundred and ninety six out of 400 survey respondents (99 percent) rated Stratus Technologies service and support as Excellent, Very Good, or Good, as compared to 58, 84, 85 and 92 percent for other major hardware vendors, according to the results of a new survey from Stratus Technologies and ITIC Corporation. Only four survey respondents gave Stratus a "satisfactory" rating, while none said the company's service and support was "poor" or "unsatisfactory." None of the other companies included in the survey escaped these lower scores.

The survey polled 400 businesses worldwide on their satisfaction with the technical service and support (including patching and planned maintenance) they receive from their server hardware vendors. Respondents were also asked to rate the reliability and frequency of unplanned outages they experience on various server hardware platforms. Nine out of 10 businesses -- 90 percent -- rate the reliability of the Stratus ftServer line as Excellent or Very good.

Stratus ftServer systems, which are noted for their ability to prevent downtime and data loss, recorded the least amount of annual downtime due to inherent hardware failures among any of the nine server model distributions included in the survey. Fifty-nine percent of companies in the survey experienced 31.5 seconds to 5.25 minutes of unplanned downtime per server/per annum, or between 99.9999 percent and 99.999 percent uptime, respectively. Stratus' proactive uptime assurance strategy safeguards valuable data and saves corporations the time and manpower hours associated with lengthy and costly remediation efforts.

"Our server recovery time objective (RTO) is zero, a goal we meet far more often than not because of the powerful combination of resilient technology and remote monitoring and management," said Roy Sanford, Stratus chief marketing officer. "From the outset, Stratus' commitment to customers is failure prevention rather than recovery from failure after the fact, which is the approach competitors take. For customers, this difference translates into real revenue, real cost avoidance, and real competitive advantage."

Inside the Survey

  • Oracle SPARC servers recorded the highest amounts of per server/per annum downtime of any of the five high end server platforms in the survey. Some 42 percent of respondents said they accrued 1-to-5 minutes of per server/per annum downtime; 15 percent experienced 6-to-10 minutes of per server/per annum downtime.
  • User Satisfaction with Technical Service/Support and Product Warranties. Stratus ftServer systems also scored high marks in this category with over eight-out-of-10 customers -- 84 percent giving the platform Excellent or Very Good marks; followed by 15 percent who rated it Good and 1 percent who said it was satisfactory.
  • Oracle Scores Lowest Marks for User Satisfaction with Technical Service/Support and Product Warranties. Customers were generally very satisfied with Dell, HP and IBM service/support and technical warranties but not so with the Oracle customer base who gave the Oracle hardware platforms the lowest marks of any of the vendors in the survey. Only 19 percent -- fewer than two-out-of-10 Oracle users gave the company an Excellent rating and just 13 percent rated the company's technical service and support as Very Good. Some 26 percent rated Oracle's technical service/support and product warranties as Good; one quarter or 24 percent rated it Satisfactory while 10 percent called it Poor and 8 percent said it was Unsatisfactory.
  • Stratus ftServer system users experienced least number of hardware failures. ftServer models scored an impressive win in another crucial category: least number of hardware failures. Over eight-out-of-10 Stratus ftServer system customers -- 83 percent -- reported that they "Rarely" experienced hardware failures.

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