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Research Examines State of Service Industry, Contract Automation, Mobile Device Content, In-Memory Computing

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - Jan 12, 2012) - Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), today announced the publication of new research reports from its Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy, Service Management, Global Supply Management, Wireless & Mobility, and Information Lifecycle research practices.

The "Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing: Seeing Around Corners," research brief co-authored by Trip Kucera and David White, Senior Research Analysts for the Aberdeen Group Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy and Business Intelligence research practices respectively, confirms that companies investing in predictive analytics outperform those who don't across several key marketing metrics. Long the domain of a specialized group of direct marketers, the wider availability of marketing performance data and the democratization of business intelligence (BI) applications have made predictive analytics possible for a wider segment of marketers. This research brief examines the goals and challenges of companies using predictive analytics for sales and marketing, along with the capabilities they have adopted and the marketing performance improvements they achieved. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7082&camp=2.

"State of Service Management: Forecast for 2012," co-authored by Sumair Dutta, Research Director and Aly Pinder, Senior Research Associate for the Aberdeen Service Management research practice, revealed the key initiatives, goals and investments prioritized by service business leaders (Chief Service Officers) to drive business growth in 2012. Revenue growth and improved customer satisfaction continue to be the top goals for service leaders, and leading organizations are prioritizing investments in innovation, technology and workforce management to achieve their goals. To obtain a complimentary copy of this report visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7102&camp=2.

"eSignatures: A Missing Link in Procurement Contract Management Automation?," authored by Constantine G. Limberakis, Senior Research Analyst for the Aberdeen Group's Global Supply Management research practice, indicates that eSignatures is the lowest area of adoption in contract procurement at 12% compared to others such as approval workflow and authoring at 23%. "eSignatures provide an effective way for organizations to accelerate contract signing processes and make contracts more consistent, legally binding, and professional in their presentation to suppliers," said Limberakis. "Yet in comparison to sales organizations, procurement organizations remain slow to adopt electronic signatures despite the improved ability comply with current contract processes, review the achievements of contract status and achieve a lower percentage of contracts without proper approvals." To obtain a complimentary copy of the report visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7473&camp=2.

The "The Business Value of Adapting Web Content for Mobile Devices," research study by Omer Minkara, Senior Research Associate for Aberdeen's Customer Management research practice, and Andrew Borg, Senior Research Analyst for the Wireless & Mobility research practice, details how companies are addressing the top challenge faced by mobile marketing practitioners -- developing mobile, web-optimized content. The study indicates that 51% of all companies with active mobile marketing initiatives are struggling with this formidable task. "Engaging customers effectively through the mobile web and driving repeat traffic hinges upon an organization's ability to build a technical and business infrastructure that optimizes mobile web content for most mobile devices and platforms," said Borg. To obtain a complimentary copy of the report visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7462&camp=2.

"In-memory Computing: Lifting the Burden of Big Data," written by Nathaniel Rowe, Senior Research Associate for Aberdeen's IT Infrastructure practice, examines one of the hot new technology solutions of the year, and its impact on the modern Big Data environment. Aberdeen's research shows that organizations that have invested in this advanced server and analytical technology reported the ability to process and analyze larger data sets at speeds and efficiency that were hundreds of times faster than their peers. Furthermore, they accomplished these gains while spending less on a per-seat basis for their knowledge workers and BI users. To obtain a complimentary copy of the research report, visit: http://www.aberdeen.com/link/sponsor.asp?spid=30410182&cid=7377&camp=2.

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