Upcoming Diet Season and Boost From Dr. Oz Show Drives Demand for Garden of Life's fucoTHIN Supplement

West Palm, Florida, UNITED STATES

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With millions expected to embark on a diet after New Year's and a recent plug for fucoxanthin as an effective fat burner on The Dr. Oz Show, Garden of Life (www.gardenoflife.com) announced it is ramping up distribution of its popular fucoTHIN® supplement. A number one seller in the weight management category in the Natural Products Industry for several years, fucoTHIN contains a proprietary blend of fucoxanthin, a carotenoid found in brown seaweed that Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended for weight loss on a show that aired December 12.

"Fucoxanthin is pretty cool," said Dr. Oz, who noted that brown seaweed from the ocean has potent powers to help burn more calories and fat. He also referenced a 16-week study that resulted in participants losing body fat.

The study mentioned by Dr. Oz was a double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial that consisted of 150 overweight female subjects who were given the exact formula in fucoTHIN, the Garden of Life supplement containing a proprietary blend of fucoxanthin and Pomegranate Seed Oil. Participants followed an 1800 calorie daily diet and were monitored over 16 weeks. The results revealed that the group that used the fucoTHIN formula lost more weight.
Garden of Life President Brian Ray said fucoTHIN (www.fucothin.com) has been popular with consumers and retailers since it was launched four years ago because it is backed by research, easily tolerated, and is a non-stimulant. Ray went on to add that, "fucoTHIN is a meaningful way to support a healthy weight management program that includes a balanced diet and exercise."

"We were the first company in the United States to bring health food stores the clinically studied fucoxanthin compound contained in fucoTHIN," said Ray. "In fact, Garden of Life is the industry leader in fucoxanthin with an entire line of successful supplements, including fucoPROTEIN® bars, Diet 360®, and our Oceans3™ fish oil and cod liver oil. "

Ray explained that fucoTHIN works by revving up metabolism with a thermogenic effect and supports the breakdown of fat The supplement is also a carotenoid, which is an antioxidant.
On his show, Dr. Oz suggested 500 milligrams of fucoxanthin per day to assist with weight loss. Ray noted that fucoTHIN soft gels contains the exact 600 milligrams of fucoxanthin concentrate with Pomegranate Seed Oil that was used in the clinical study in three tiny easy to swallow soft gels.

Since Dr. Oz aired his show on fucoxanthin, Ray confirmed that Garden of Life's customer service phones have been lighting up like Christmas trees with company representatives scrambling to answer questions and point callers to retailers where fucoTHIN is sold.

"We're excited that the show has educated more mainstream Americans about a natural way to support a weight management program," said Ray. "With total health care costs associated with being overweight or obese at over 90 billion a year, this is a health crisis we are happy to be able to help people with by offering fucoTHIN."

FucoTHIN has a suggested retail price of 49.95 for a 30-day supply (90 soft gel caps) and is also available in a 60-day supply. (180 soft gel caps) The dietary supplement is available at independent health food stores and retailers such as Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Super Supplement, Sprouts and many others.

For more information about fucoTHIN or for interviews about the product, contact Rhonda Price at (561) 371-9407.

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