New Novel, 'The Eddy,' Is a Mystery in an Alternate Universe

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2012) - Physics meets imagination in author Eli Just's novel, "The Eddy," (, a supernatural mystery rooted in the real-life theories and experiments dominating today's science headlines.

"With the Large Hadron Collider closing in on the 'God particle,' everyone's talking about physics and what it might teach us about the universe, including whether there are alternate universes," says Just, a former history teacher who enjoys studying physics.

"These advances get people thinking seriously about our universe and suddenly, anything's possible," he says. "That's why TV shows like 'Lost' and 'Fringe' developed such big followings. We no longer take for granted the world as we see it; alternate or parallel universes may well exist."

His novel imagines just such a scenario, with a little mystery and suspense thrown in. It opens with Linda, the mother of a teenager who's a New York City shop-owner struggling with post-divorce emotions. When a customer comes in and insists on taking her to lunch, Linda finds herself led to a strange little restaurant, The Eddy, where her mysterious lunch date abruptly leaves her.

The lone diner, Linda is trapped in The Eddy for what feels like weeks. She's served meal after delicious meal and glass after glass of sweet wine until she finally manages to escape, only to learn she's been "gone" for only an hour.

She immediately runs into an old college flame, Paul, whom she hasn't seen in years. The two quickly realize they've both been to The Eddy -- and they don't know anyone else who has. While Paul, a physicist, is bent on finding the place again, Linda has no wish to return. It's too frightening!

"The Eddy is like the eddies you see in rivers," Just explains. "It's a little world of its own moving around on its own through our universe."

Like the real-life physicists madly searching science for answers to questions about our universe, Paul realizes The Eddy may give him the key to the biggest prize of all:

About Eli Just

Eli Just is the author of several books including "The Eddy" and the popular "Manny Jones" series of supernatural thrillers. He has a master's in history from Southeastern Louisiana University and is a self-taught student of physics, which he taught at the high school level. Just enjoys exploring themes involving physics and its relationship to religion.

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