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LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2012) - The following blog from Bob Lorsch, CEO of MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCBB: MMRF), was picked up today and can be viewed at

According to Patricia and Tom Darby, investors in MMRGlobal, "MMRGlobal is the place to have fun, make money and fall in love." The couple met online, in a chat room, talking about investments in healthcare, which led to Tom telling her about his investment in MMR (OTCBB: MMRF). She began to follow the stock and invest in the Company. They got married two months ago in a helicopter high above the Las Vegas strip. When they heard the Company was in Las Vegas for the HIMSS show, they returned specifically to thank us for the happiness they found at MMR. Tom is a retired Master Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marines, and Patricia was a college English teacher. They ride tandem on Tom's Harley and are gun enthusiasts.

MMR returned Friday from the HIMSS convention, where not only was Love in The Air for the Darbys, but it was a Love Fest for MMR as well. You can see for yourself in one of Kira's television interviews from the show (

Visitors to the MMRGlobal booth fell in love with our new Prepaid Personal Health Records Cards, UST EMR solutions, the Company's Wireless App for handheld and tablet devices and received hands-on training and continued demonstrations of and MMRPro.

Tom says, "Yep, it was love all right. But I have to say, and don't forget I was a Marine, it was the sight of that tall, beautiful redhead. First sight? I can tell you about it. That she was smart, liked to make money, and would ride on my Harley -- that did it. I had already decided that electronic medical records was the coming thing and that MMRF would be the best way to get people like me to take better care of myself because I could follow my doctor's orders and get the same information they had at the same time. I became an investor in MMR and met the love of my life."

Patricia says, "When I first began looking for investments to bolster my retirement fund, I thought the investor chat boards would be a good place to start. My friends told me I could check out companies that had good prospects for growth. My life was pretty great -- friends, family, health, travel -- and I am a bit adventurous. I took a look at MMR and decided it had the kind of healthcare technology I knew from my research that personal health records should have and would be in big demand. You know how chat rooms are; you exchange comments, ask questions, sometimes you even provide the answers. A guy named Tom caught my attention because he was funny, wise, and he knew finance. Eventually we got together for coffee -- only to talk investing in MMR, mind you. And it was love."

New friends of MMR, Patricia and Tom, told me they plan on continuing to add to their portfolio of MMRGlobal stock, and before they left Las Vegas, Tom said, "MMRF is another name for Cupid." In addition to medical records, hopefully Patricia will save their love notes in the MyEsafe portion of their account. And in case anyone is wondering, we have no plans to change our trading symbol to C U P I D anytime soon.

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