Network Solutions Provider Announces New Acquisitions

Telecommunications Experts Inc. and Tier 1 Data Centers LLC Add to Company's Commitment to Customers

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., March 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Network Solutions Provider (NSP), one of the fastest growing technology integrators in the nation, announced the acquisitions of two companies: Telecommunications Experts Inc., Phoenix, AZ and Tier 1 Data Centers LLC, San Jose, CA.  Telecommunications Experts Inc. is a VOIP technology provider and installer while Tier 1 Data Centers builds data centers across the U.S. These acquisitions will expand NSP's capabilities and reach into emerging markets such as Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Ohio and Seattle. These acquisitions will also increase NSP's positioning in emerging verticals such as Wimaxx, wireless, VOIP, colocation and cloud services.  Acquiring these companies keeps to NSP's commitment of providing the best quotes, better information and unbeatable results for its clients. 

NSP is keen on exploring opportunities in the cloud services space for existing clients as well as future clients. Tier 1 Data Centers brings NSP in the data center infrastructure space and supports NSP into the green data construction and conversion sector.  NSP, already a leader in technology integration, believes these acquisitions will add to their current offerings and together will increase market penetration for VOIP services, phone systems, and colocation infrastructure. 

Phillip D. Walker, CEO, says, "Our vision is to build a bridge between the service provider to the customer which makes technology affordable and easier to use. The challenge we face is that many business do not take full advantage of technology because of lack of understanding and cost. NSP makes technology easy, useable and more importantly an affordable service aligned with exceptional expertise. These acquisitions will help NSP continue our customer promise of providing advanced and affordable technology solutions to our customers." This will position customers with the ability to connect to all services (colocation, telecommunications, hardware, software, wireless, cloud services, and storage) under one solution provider–NSP.  

One company One Solution. Network Solutions Provider changing information technology to techology integration. 

About Network Solutions Provider (NSP)

NSP is a technology integration company that offers VOIP, DS3, colocation, Ethernet, wireless, Telephone Systems Services, Customer Support, and Wimaxx. Founded in 2005, the company has grown 1102% from 2007 to 2010. NSP was honored by Inc. 500 in 2011 (#297) and was ranked #8 in the telecommunications industry. The Los Angeles Business Journal also ranked NSP #20 among the fastest growing technology companies in Los Angeles in 2012. 

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