iTech Digital partners with The Mershimer Group to create a comprehensive video audit solution that caters to restaurant and retailers worldwide.

Taunton, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Taunton, March 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iTech Digital is partnering with The Mershimer Group to offer video auditing to restaurant and retail clients worldwide. This combines The Mershimer Group’s expertise in loss prevention with the technological capabilities provided by iTech Digital to easily deter and identify theft within these industry verticals.

Michael Mershimer, Partner and Chief Operating Officer of HS Brands International says, "We are extremely excited to combine our loss prevention and guest feedback expertise with the digital video expertise of iTech Digital, who are the leaders in CCTV technology within the food service and hospitality industries. It is equally exciting to offer video auditing services to our restaurant and retail clients in the United States, as well as our international clients. We have yet another method for ‘Protecting & Monitoring the World’s Favorite Brands!’ "

iTech Digital had been looking to expand and enhance the company’s loss prevention offerings beyond video surveillance, security, and asset protection. "We are always on the lookout to increase our client’s ability to focus on their business without having to worry about employee theft and loss of productivity. With our partnership with The Mershimer Group, we can enhance our client’s business growth with an end-to-end audit and security solution," said Steve Spiech, President of iTech Digital.

About iTech Digital

With over 12 years of experience in integration and software solutions, Indianapolis-based, iTech Digital provides cost-effective security, surveillance, process improvement, and asset protection solutions for businesses in the restaurant and retail industries. Their vision is to help their clients realize profit enhancing video surveillance solutions not available anywhere else by designing and consistently improving their i2i Systems and software based on customer feedback. For more information about iTech Digital, please visit or call Brian Knoderer at (317) 704-0448.

About The Mershimer Group

The Mershimer Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of HS Brands International, a Massachusetts-based, global leader in mystery shopping, loss prevention and royalty assurance. Offices are located in Massachusetts, Nevada, India, Argentina, Turkey, and Switzerland. For more information about The Mershimer Group, please visit or call Michael Mershimer at (800) 723-1150.


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