Wellness International Network Focuses on Giving Back in 2012

PLANO, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 9, 2012) - Wellness International Network owners, Ralph Oats and his wife Cathy, have always believed in giving back to those in need. As a true rags-to-riches story, Ralph Oats and Cathy went from losing their home and living with family to building a million-dollar business and teaching others to do the same. Understanding the importance of helping those who need a little help or cannot help themselves, Ralph and Cathy developed Wellness International Network to teach others how to take control of their destiny.

Ralph Oats and Cathy have always supported numerous charities, and their reach significantly expanded when they founded Wellness International Network in 1992, by encouraging their thousands of distributors to give back to the community by supporting a favorite charity. "The foundation of our business is to help improve people's health and their quality of life," shares Ralph Oats. In 2012, Wellness International Network opened its arms to requests of charities to support by asking distributors and consumers via Facebook to nominate worthy charities to feature.

For the first quarter of 2012, Wellness International Network has chosen to support the International Rett Syndrome Foundation (IRSF). "It's amazing how prevalent this syndrome is but how little exposure it gets," shares the consumer who nominated IRSF. "Families take it upon themselves to be the crusaders when they already have so much to care for at home. Please consider this charity to give these families and their daughters the exposure and help they need." Rett syndrome is a developmental disorder most often detected in girls that causes problems with brain function. Symptoms of this disorder can result in difficulty with learning, speech, sensory sensations, mood, movement, breathing, cardiac function, and even chewing, swallowing, and digestion. The IRSF, a non-profit foundation, is the largest private source of funds for research on Rett syndrome and has a mission of funding research for treatments and a cure for this disorder while enhancing the quality of life for those living with this condition.

As consumers visit Wellness International Network's website to order their nutritional supplements like bestsellers BioLean® System, a weight-management line, Winrgy®, a sugar-free energy mix and the pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 supplement, WINOmeg3complex™, they can choose to donate to this worthwhile charity.

About Wellness International Network, Ltd. (WIN)
A privately held company specializing in health and nutritional products, Wellness International Network, Ltd. is headquartered in Plano, Texas, with affiliates located in Hoofddorp, Holland; Johannesburg, South Africa; Sydney, Australia and Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 1992 by Ralph Oats and his wife, Cathy, WIN operates in many countries throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Eurasia, and is far and away the forefront leader in global network marketing. Management Team 500 Magazine has selected Wellness International Network as a Top 500 company for three years. Serious athletes are delighted to learn that WIN holds the prestigious certification from the NSF Certified for Sport® program as products considered safe to use for those needing to comply with anti-doping regulations. WIN Worldwide BV also participates in the Netherlands Security System Nutritional Supplements Top Elite Sports [NZVT] program with a number of our products white listed as safe for top athletes. For more information visit: nsfsport.com or necedo.nl/nzvt. WIN's products are listed in the Z-Index, a database of products associated with the public pharmacy, used by doctors, pharmacists, businesses and government. Learn more about why "It Pays to Live Well" at web.winltd.com.

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Wellness International Network supports the International Rett Syndrome Foundation in 2012 through online exposure and donations.