YouMail Announces One-Time, Permanent Ditching of Unwanted Callers

One-Tap Ditching Completely Removes Nuisance of Unwanted Calls to Users of YouMail's Android Apps

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 15, 2012) - YouMail, Inc. ( today announced that it now has a "One-Tap" solution for Android users that allows any caller to be instantly, completely, and permanently ditched, offering the easiest and most effective app-based solution for blocking unwanted calls. The feature works with either the Android's YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus or WhoAreYou app.

When a caller is "ditched," their calls are no longer visible or ring the phone, they cannot leave a message, and most importantly, they hear a greeting that the current number is out of service, including the special tones that cause most telemarketing, collection agency, and robocallers to treat the number as disconnected and take it off of their call lists. Even though the Federal Communications Commission has recently approved tougher regulations against robocalls, YouMail remains the first and strongest line of defense against debt collectors, live telemarketers and other unpopular calls.

"Cell phones have become many people's only way to communicate, which forces them to give out their cell number in ways that can ultimately lead to unwanted calls," said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. "As the mobile number increasingly becomes the primary number, the annoying calls once reserved for 'land lines' are beginning to shift to those mobile phones. YouMail's WhoAreYou app and YouMail's visual voicemail service provide an exceedingly simple solution to solving that problem."

Users of the company's WhoAreYou "Visual Caller ID" application see a popup each time a new caller calls, showing a representative image, such as a Facebook photo or business logo, name, and caller id, along with a large "Ditch" button. Hitting that button ensures that all future calls from that number will silently be sent to voicemail without the phone ever ringing. If the user then has YouMail's Visual Voicemail Plus service as their voicemail, it recognizes the ditched number, plays them the out-of-service greeting, and immediately hangs up.

To help users understand which calls should be ditched, YouMail's network of over two million registered users have identified numerous "spammers" and other unwanted callers. When these users call, they're clearly identified, making it effortless for users to recognize unwanted calls.

"The new features we've been rolling into YouMail recently, as well as our large, active community of users, does the heavy lifting when these unsolicited calls come in," said Quilici. "No matter who might be hounding them via their Android device, a YouMail or WhoAreYou user can still keep their number, lean back, and with one tap, get back to using their smartphone in the way they intended, not the way some solicitor might dictate."

YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus and WhoAreYou are now both available in the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market).

About YouMail
YouMail, Inc., is the leading provider of cloud-based enhanced telecommunication services. YouMail's completely free flagship Visual Voicemail Plus application offers a true multi-platform, unified and social voicemail experience for its users on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Phone 7 and Windows 6.5 platforms, and is being increasingly adopted by consumers and by carriers as either the default or recommended voicemail service. WhoAreYou is the company's completely free Visual Caller ID application for Android phones that is revolutionizing the incoming call experience. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Irvine, Calif., YouMail is backed by VantagePoint Capital Partners, the Tech Coast Angels, the Tech Coast Angels ACE Fund, Siemer Ventures, and the CrunchFund.

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