Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Gives 8 Reasons why Niyato Industries will be like no other EV Company

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA,, March 20, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Niyato Industries, Inc. announced it will Build 6 Electric Vehicle’s for Review.  As soon as it’s current round of financing closes, Niyato Industries will move forward and build the first 6 production vehicles for retail sale. Unlike other EV companies that have promised much and have yet to deliver, Niyato Industries has complied 8 reasons why they will be first to actually deliver an affordable EV to the American Consumer.

1.      We have learned from other manufacturers Trials and Error’s

Niyato Industries has also put a lot of consideration into its vehicles and has learned what not to do from others. Niyato has a patent pending for its methods and hardware to prevent an electric vehicle from wearing down the battery pack to a point where the car becomes unusable. This is referred to in the industry as "bricking."  Niyato's patented technology uses propriety hardware and software to minimize the drain on electric cars that are parked over 48 hours. As owners of other electric cars are learning, if the car is not driven every 48 hours the systems drain the vehicle to a point where the batteries may need to be replaced.

2.      Emergency Shutoff Switch

Niyato vehicles will also have emergency shutoff switch in case of a crash, which will be easily accessible by the police and EMS. Unbelievably there is no industry standard for Emergency equipment for EV’s. We have hired 56th Command Ltd, a legislative lobbying firm, to create a legislative standard that we hope will be adopted throughout the industry.

3.      Cost effective Solutions

Niyato is an alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer focused on cost-effectiveness and affordability, similar to its partner companies, UQM Technologies, Inc. (AMEX UQM), BorgWarner (NASDAQ BWA) and Ford (NYSE F).  Niyato is bringing cost-effective alternative fuel vehicles to the world, with its innovative engineering and manufacturing processes.

4.      Affordable Transportation for the Daily driver

Niyato Industries, Inc., is an eco-friendly, NHTSA licensed alternative fuel (EV, E-REV, BEV and CNG) vehicle manufacturer focused on providing cost-effective and affordable transportation solutions to the global marketplace. The company manufactures vehicles, through its unique conversion process utilizing its extensive network of OEM suppliers. While most large manufacturers of electric vehicles are focused on the upper end of the market, such as Tesla Motors, Inc. and Fisker, there is very little competition among affordably priced alternative fuel vehicles. 

5.      2,700 cars sold

Niyato Industries has received a purchase order and has sold out its first twelve months of production. Niyato Industries also has a non-binding letter of intent with Green Automotive Company (OTC GCAR) to distribute Niyato vehicles. Niyato and GACR remain in the negotiations stage until a contract can be agreed upon..

6.      Unique Components & Manufacturing Help Keep Costs Down 

Using localized manufacturing and proprietary components, Niyato is able to keep its costs extraordinarily low enabling it to effectively compete in the alternative fuel vehicle market. The company is reviewing offers now for development of its new company headquarters and is currently considering offers from the states of North Carolina, California and Texas.   The Company anticipates it will announce late April which State will win the project. This will position Niyato Industries in the states that have the most potential for growth and close to markets where Niyato intends to sell its all-electric and alternate fuel vehicles.  Since the most expensive part of the supply chain is distribution, the Company will then be well positioned to significantly reduce those costs. 

7.      Licensed and Compliant in all 50 states

Niyato Industries is a NHTSA Licensed US DOT Automobile manufacturer. The company converts gasoline and diesel cars and trucks to alternative fuel vehicles under the Clean Air Act SEC. 247. VEHICLE CONVERSIONS. The company will not outsource jobs. Niyato respects Ford Motor Company's legacy, and will do everything it can to help to keep America's work force employed. For more information visit www.niyato.com.

8.      Financing

Immediately following the close of this round of financing the Company will self-file a S-1  Registration with the SEC, Following the S-1 registration, Niyato Industry stock will be registered and fully tradable at that time. Additionally, the Company has a Lead financial company that will sponsor its 211 form to put Niyato stock on the OTCBB and the company will be hiring Deloitte for all its accounting needs. The company is also in serious talks with 3 private equity firms. said Frank A McKinney the company’s CFO.

This press release may contain some forward looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, These statements are based on the company’s current expectations as to future events. However the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this press release might not accur and actual results may differ.

SOURCE: Niyato Industries Inc.

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