Yelp Review Filter and Potential Impact on Doctors' Online Reputations

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SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 21, 2012) - Yelp has been the subject of much debate recently, coming under fire for their review filter process. As the CEO of the dentistry and plastic surgery marketing firm Rosemont Media, Keith Humes has been immersed in the search engine marketing arena since 1998, and says he is concerned about the potential impact filtered patient reviews can have on a doctor's online reputation. Humes recently addressed this issue in an article titled, "Is the Yelp Review Filter Hurting Doctors' Reputation?"

In the article, Humes breaks down the current process as defined by Yelp's site, and compares to what he has seen in the review site's search results. While he admits the complicated algorithm Yelp uses is designed to "legitimize the authenticity of reviews," he goes on to highlight three influential components of the review process currently affecting results: reviews from active users have a better chance of showing up in the results; bad reviews tend to trump good reviews; and frequency and timing play a significant role in how reviews are filtered.

"Like it or not, all of our experience tells us that practices are in a tough situation regarding their participation with Yelp... [it] is a heavily weighted site that has sticking power on the search engines, specifically under business names and doctors' names."

Humes goes on to discuss several common questions his plastic surgery and dental marketing firm encounter, including the following:

  • Why should I care about one bad review on Yelp?
  • Are unhappy patients more motivated to give a bad review?
  • Should businesses be able to opt out of Yelp altogether?

Ultimately, Humes says the Yelp review filter has been a frustrating experience for a number of reputable doctors who are concerned about the potential impact one patient can have on their practice and their professional name. As a growing number of doctors become more aware of the need for online reputation management, Humes says doctors need to remain vigilant and proactive: "Although it appears that the Yelp filter is not making it easy to control which reviews rise to the top of your profile, taking a proactive approach to obtain good reviews before a bad one comes along may help prevent a reputation disaster."

Read the Yelp Review Filter article in its entirety.

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Keith Humes is the co-founder and CEO of Rosemont Media, a modern version of the traditional agency. He began his career creating nationally-recognized directories in the medical and dental industries, and introduced a number of new online marketing products into these markets. Humes and his Rosemont Media team combine search marketing with dental and medical website design to create custom, proven online advertising campaigns. He also lectures nationally at a number of industry conferences, including the upcoming annual meetings for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Keith Humes can be contacted at (800) 491-8623,, and the Rosemont Media Facebook page.

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