Swift Exchange Announces Key Milestone With Opening of Atlanta Payment Technology Center

State-of-the-art Facility Constitutes Center of Excellence for Loyalty Industry Innovator

New York, New York, March 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swift Exchange, an innovator in the facilitation of global commerce, today announced a milestone with the opening of its Atlanta Payment Technology Center in Alpharetta, Georgia. The announcement heralds the creation of what will become the hub for a distributed, world-class, international center of excellence driving Swift Exchange’s market entry and long-term growth.

"The Swift Exchange Atlanta Payment Technology Center has now passed the first milestone in our long-term goal of establishing a foundation for the highly advanced, dynamically designed technologies and systems that will distinguish Swift Exchange as a transforming presence in the loyalty industry," said Cliff Mason, SVP Payment Technologies for Swift Exchange. 

Mr. Mason added, "With a core team of 17 highly skilled professionals already in place, we are well on our way toward our objective of cultivating a growing team of systems architects, developers and business analysts, all focused on exploiting Swift Exchange’s rapidly expanding asymmetric advantage in the marketplace."

"Our new Atlanta Payment Technology Center has been created to facilitate the high degree of interdependent communication and collaboration required among merchants and reward program providers," said Shirish K. Arashanapalli, Vice President, Architecture & Development for Swift Exchange. "The Technology Center marks the successful formation of a consolidated hub devoted to working with partners worldwide to enable real-time reward point authorization against multiple reward currencies over a seamless, highly fluid topology."

Signaling its rapid pace of growth, the Technology Center has already awarded the development of a mission-critical mobile application to Ursim Consulting, based in nearby Woodstock, GA. Ursim has been engaged to work closely with the Technology Center in developing a mobile Swift Exchange app enabling real-time redemption of reward points at offline merchants through the generation of a secure, one-time-use, 2-D bar code for use at point-of-sale.

Enhanced with high-speed data circuitry and fiber connectivity, the Technology Center’s long-term design will link a series of pods around the country, each comprising 20-30 professionals dedicated to a specific domain expertise such as search technology, user interface, payment technologies and data and optimization solutions. The current team is busy constructing the initial modules, which will function as the skeleton and core processing system for Swift Exchange. At the same time, a group of developers is writing code to support the consumer interface and key components such as consumer profiles, reward point wallet management and redemption.

Mr. Mason added that the choice of location was driven to a large extent by the prominence of companies specializing in payment technologies in and around the Alpharetta, Georgia, area. The region has been recognized by USA Today and Yahoo! Internet Life as one of the leading areas for technology businesses. The location also facilitates Swift Exchange’s aggressive pursuit of the best and brightest engineers, systems architects, developers and business analysts with expertise in the area of payment technologies.

The Atlanta Payment Technology Center is located in the heart of the largest fiber-linked network in the United States, just minutes from cutting-edge research universities and Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International, one of the world's busiest airports. 

About Swift Exchange

As a pioneer in global commerce, SWIFT EXCHANGE has developed a first-of-its kind electronic commerce ecosystem utilizing its patent-protected technology that blends points and miles from different reward programs to make them as easy to spend as cash.   SWIFT EXCHANGE’S first deployment includes a multi-tender payment mechanism that easily embeds into e-commerce sites and at point-of-sale.  Reward program issuers have a way to expand the utility of their reward currency for customers and merchants have a way to accept reward currencies for payment.  Founded by CEO Richard Postrel, SWIFT EXCHANGE is owned and operated by Signature Systems LLC.  For more information, visit www.swiftexchange.com or call (305) 865-7000.



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