Medicare Advantage Technology Firm Announces New Mobile Application Designed to Set New Standard in Sales Force Compliance


WASHINGTON, March 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gorman Health Group (GHG) the leading solutions provider in Government programs, announces today a joint venture in partnership with Bloom Marketing Group (Bloom) to launch AscendTM a mobile application designed to bring transparency to Medicare Advantage sales force management.

The first of its kind, AscendTM is a user-friendly mobile application that allows Medicare sales agents to access prospect information, plan enrollment applications, and appointment schedules in real time. For health plans, Ascend prevents costly errors, reduces waste and increases sales force productivity all through the use of a secure, compliant mobile environment.

"We are proud to partner alongside Gorman Health Group, the acknowledged industry leader in Medicare Advantage compliance," said Sherman Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Bloom Marketing Group. "Together, we have developed a mobile application that will not only have long-term impact on the way our industry approaches the sale of Medicare products but, even more importantly, will improve the quality of the enrollment experience delivered to members—not to mention the compliance of the agents' submissions."

"The Bloom service offering changes the game for Medicare Advantage plans who rely on external brokers, which is to say just about everybody. The plan can finally have a window into the sale at the kitchen table, and with it, unprecedented oversight into the sales process.  For the broker, getting real-time leads is practically nirvana.  More importantly, Bloom provides a platform for managing the retail sales that are the future of healthcare and is offering the industry a seamless platform for the coming revolution in retail healthcare," said Nathan Goldstein, Chief Executive Officer of Gorman Health Group.

For the last 15 years, Gorman Health Group has been the leading consulting and solutions provider to companies in Medicare Advantage and Part D.  Today, GHG software now manages the payments of more than five million Medicare beneficiaries.  Over 2,200 compliance and operations staff use GHG's compliance dashboard and management tools.  Nearly 30,000 brokers and sales agents are certified and credentialed using Sales Sentinel, GHG's unique web-based platform.

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