Altitude Digital Partners Launches the World's First Video and Display Supply Side Platform

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Apr 3, 2012) - Altitude Digital Partners (ADP) announced today the launch of a new Supply Side Platform (SSP) for online video and display advertising. This next generation platform will now provide publishers with seamless access to their display and video inventory in one integrated interface.

In what was accepted as the industry norm, publishers were continuously faced with the conundrum of how many Networks, RTBs and Exchanges they needed to work with in order to get the most out of their video and display supply. With the typical daisy chain approach, publishers experienced high discrepancies and unfilled impressions, resulting in lost revenue. Recognizing the need to align the marketplace, ADP engineered an advanced technology platform and marketplace to enhance publishers' position in today's highly competitive online advertising landscape.

ADP's Supply side platform is an advertising technology system which represents the suppliers of online ads, and guarantees inventory availability. Similar to a DSP, an SSP allows many of the larger web publishers of the world to automate and optimize the selling of their online media space. Through the new SSP, publishers are provided with one platform to reach top tier demand partners.

Picture a connected ecosystem where real-time and historical data is coupled with user level cookies, creating the perfect match between the publishers' supply and the advertisers' demand. In this eco-system, advertisers have the ability to buy their audience, resulting in higher performing campaigns.

"ADP is the first SSP in the world that allows publishers to manage and optimize both their video and display inventory in one platform," said Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO of Altitude Digital Partners. With the recent advancements in online video technology, the level of user engagement has skyrocketed, causing a chain reaction in which advertisers' budgets are divided, giving a lion's share to digital video. ADP's Ostermiller added, "We took a step back and saw that Video was the fastest growing digital medium in the world, and we wanted to be among the first companies to unify this emerging market."

About Altitude Digital Partners
Altitude Digital Partners (ADP) is a Supply Side Platform that empowers publishers to maximize their online revenue. ADP works with hundreds of the world's top online publishers providing services in yield optimization for display and online video advertising.

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