Ecliptek's Counterfeit Prevention Process Offers Quick Product Traceability

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 4, 2012) - With awareness of the counterfeit electronic component problem growing daily, Ecliptek Corporation provides a Counterfeit Prevention Program to address this critical issue by offering customers a streamlined Product Traceability Request System. Within one business day, Ecliptek will email a personalized response advising if the customer's parts can be traced to a transaction with Ecliptek.

Ecliptek believes that the best counterfeit prevention method is to purchase product through the authorized distributor channel. The company has developed an online tool that enables its customers to quickly determine whether or not the purchased product can be traced to an authorized Ecliptek transaction if not purchased directly from an Ecliptek Authorized Distributor.

"Counterfeit products pose significant reliability and performance risk to Ecliptek's customers," stated Thomas Culhane, Ecliptek's Vice President of Quality Assurance.
"Our goal is to eliminate counterfeit Ecliptek products from the supply chain by providing an avenue for our customers to confirm whether or not the product is traceable to an authorized Ecliptek source."

While much of the current industry focus is on detection, Ecliptek has identified prevention as the keystone for component suppliers to eliminate counterfeiting. A comprehensive Ecliptek counterfeit prevention program enables customers or their subcontractors to avoid purchasing, receiving and installing counterfeit Ecliptek products.

"The industry is best served by having the ability to confidently purchase product that is traceable to the specified supplier," added Culhane. "Ecliptek Corporation is committed to supporting our customers with a set of web based tools to prevent counterfeit Ecliptek products from reaching their dock."

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