Ensim Corporation Announces Compatibility With SQL Server 2012

Ensim Unify Better Addresses Service Provider and Enterprise Needs Through Compatibility With Latest Microsoft Technologies

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 9, 2012) - Ensim Corporation, a leading provider of business and operations support solutions (BSS and OSS) to manage, orchestrate, and automate private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure, today announced that Ensim has completed its compatibility testing process and has certified Ensim Unify to be compatible with Microsoft Corp.'s SQL Server 2012. SQL Server 2012 with Ensim Unify provides a cloud-ready provisioning and management platform designed to help large enterprises, national telcos and managed service providers safeguard their customers with the latest in database technology that offers high availability, disaster recovery, and enhanced security.

During testing, Ensim found that the latest release of SQL Server incorporates new features and improvements that increase the power and efficiency of developers and system administrators involved with data storage. SQL Server 2012 provides customers with mission critical confidence, overall greater uptime, superior performance and enhanced security features for mission critical systems. This latest version of SQL Server also allows for greater flexibility by enabling the creation and extension of solutions across on-premises and public or private cloud hosted systems.

Ensim Unify, a leading software solution for infrastructure, directory, and applications management, is used by service providers and enterprises worldwide to accelerate and enable deployment of integrated solutions, simplify and automate secure management of complex environments, and increase user and IT productivity. By being compatible with SQL Server 2012, Unify will more easily address performance requirements, as well as complex disaster recovery and high availability scenarios using AlwaysOn across Ensim's customer base.

"The compatibility of Ensim Unify with SQL Server 2012 demonstrates Ensim's continued commitment to Microsoft users," said Eugene Saburi, general manager, SQL Server Marketing, at Microsoft. "The combination of Ensim Unify's award-winning management functionality with SQL Server 2012's proven mission-critical and cloud-ready capabilities enhances the ability of our customers to effectively deal with complex organizational scenarios."

"Our customer base includes some of the world's largest telcos and Fortune 50 enterprises, all of which stand to benefit from the advanced feature set of SQL Server 2012," said Scott Young, vice president of marketing and product management, Ensim Corporation. "At Ensim, we are committed to enabling our customers to take advantage of the latest offerings from Microsoft in conjunction with Ensim Unify. We are pleased to now support SQL Server 2012, which offers a unique set of benefits when performing mission critical tasks."

About Ensim
Ensim is the leading provider of OSS and BSS solutions to manage and automate public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Ensim products are used by service providers and enterprises worldwide. Ensim Unify and Synergy enable storefront, subscription and order management, product catalog and pricing, billing, provisioning via web-services or control panel, identity management, and reporting with n-tier delegated administration and channel enablement for agents and resellers. Ensim provides a growing list of full service connectors for applications and cloud services for Email, VoIP, IM, virtual desktops, servers and data centers, aggregated cloud applications (SaaS), instant messaging, collaboration, backup and archiving, database and website hosting. Ensim products can be easily deployed, integrated, and overlaid onto existing infrastructure. Contact Ensim at 1-877-MY-ENSIM or sales@ensim.com.