Opstera Optimizes Cloud Application Performance for 100 Customers on Windows Azure

Opstera's Cloud-Based AzureOps Provides the Industry's Most Comprehensive View of Cloud Application Operations; Monitors More Than 100 Million Windows Azure Metrics per Month

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - Apr 11, 2012) - Today, Opstera -- the only cloud-based Windows Azure operations management provider -- announced it has more than 100 customers using its AzureOps solution. The company reached this major milestone just three months after its inception in January 2012, demonstrating strong market demand for a new approach to health management and capacity optimization for cloud applications. Opstera's AzureOps solution monitors more than 100 million Windows Azure metrics per month and provides customers with the most comprehensive view of their entire cloud solution, including the underlying platform, the application, and the dependent third party cloud services. Executives from cloud services provider Cumulux founded Opstera based on real-world feedback from customers who needed better visibility into their cloud applications.

"Today, the cloud is a black box for many customers, so there is a growing need for better methods of monitoring the health of these applications to optimize operations and minimize downtime," said Opstera CEO Paddy Srinivasan. "Opstera's growth is evidence that customers want a cloud based management solution to give them more control over their Windows Azure applications."

"We realized we required more visibility into the operations of our Windows Azure deployment and Opstera allowed us to simply, quickly, and consistently monitor our entire application," said Chip Aubry, Co-Founder of Elicit Search. "AzureOps' ability to automatically scale up or down to meet changing demands on our application has increased our operational efficiency and saved us money."

Since AzureOps is a cloud-based management solution, customers can realize the benefits of increased visibility and control of their Windows Azure application immediately without installing or maintaining any software. This approach allows small and medium-sized organizations to have a deep level of insight over their application that was previously available to only large enterprises. The solution also provides automatic provisioning of servers, scaling up to meet increased demands during busy periods and scaling down again at off-peak times. This allows customers to benefit from the elastic nature of the cloud and save operational costs. In addition, AzureOps offers smart default settings based on workloads, so each customer can easily identify and monitor the parameters that are most relevant for their specific application.

Opstera co-founders Paddy Srinivansan and Ranjith Ramakrishnan have a proven track record of building a leading cloud company based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Azure. Their previous company, Cumulux, helped customers realize the benefits of SaaS computing by moving on-premises solutions into the cloud. Cumulux was twice recognized as Microsoft's "Cloud Partner of the Year" before the company was sold in 2011.

Opstera's AzureOps solution is available in five SKUs including Starter, Standard, Plus, Corporate, and Enterprise, starting at $50 per month. For more information, visit www.opstera.com.

About Opstera
Opstera is the only cloud-based operations management provider for Windows Azure. Opstera's AzureOps provides the industry's most comprehensive view of health management and capacity optimization, monitoring the underlying Windows Azure platform, the application itself, and the dependent cloud services. AzureOps provides enterprise grade functionality for optimizing application performance including auto-scaling, smart analytics, and proactive alerts and notifications. For more information, go to www.opstera.com, visit Facebook, or follow Opstera or on Twitter at @opstera.

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