Dentist in Toronto Uses Advanced Orthodontics to Treat Sleep Concerns and Jaw Pain

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TORONTO--(Marketwire - Apr 17, 2012) - For Sandra, a patient of Toronto dentist Dr. Susie Ang, what started as a simple cosmetic procedure ended up producing life-changing results. Yellowed dental crowns and a black line around her gums from gingival recession brought her to Dr. Ang's office in search of a brighter, more confident smile. Following consultation with Dr. Ang, who has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Toronto for over 20 years, Sandra says she settled on an orthodontic procedure in addition to her new crowns to help improve her smile and correct an overbite that has troubled her confidence in her appearance.

She also suffered from difficulty breathing from partially blocked airway and stuffiness in her ear. Dr. Ang says her practice offers orthodontic treatment in Toronto using oral appliances that open the airways allowing patients to breathe more easily. When the jaw bone and teeth are in the right position in relationship to a patient's facial muscles, she says the entire facial structure will be more properly supported and relaxed, resulting in a clearer breathing passage as well as a fuller, more enhanced look.

"Very often, correcting the underdeveloped upper jaw not only gives the patients a better look, it also makes them healthier by improving the airway and allowing them to breathe better," says Dr. Ang.

Although her newly discussed treatment plan would be more intensive and longer, Sandra says the choice to take a more complete approach to her dental improvements was obvious: "My orthodontic treatment with Dr. Ang has made such an improvement in my breathing, all of my symptoms have disappeared. Aesthetically, my jawline looks better, my smile is less gummy and I feel and look better without the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes. I was told previously that my gummy smile can only be corrected surgically by having my jaw broken. My bite has also improved so much that my teeth are not sensitive anymore."

Using an Advanced Light Wire appliance and incorporating an osteopathic approach, Dr. Ang says she was able to expand Sandra's upper arch and broaden her smile. After the installation of the oral appliance, Sandra says she noticed easier breathing and more restful sleep, in addition to relief from her ear problem.

"The treatment from Dr. Ang cleared up the congestion in my head. It feels great to be able to breathe clearly though my nose. My sleep quality is better. I used to have nasal blockages that prevented me from breathing through my nose. My eyes were puffy and I had dark circles around my eyes. My ears were plugged, itchy and I had frequent ear infections that I had to get my ears flushed from time to time by my doctor. When someone has lived with these problems all of their life, they don't know what they are missing and accept the problems as a normal part of life," says Sandra.

While traditional methods and techniques used in dentistry have always been effective, Dr. Ang says modern dentistry has begun to place an increasing emphasis on holistic solutions such as breathing problems and TMJ treatment in Toronto for patients like Sandra who have multiple levels to their dental needs. She says patients can now experience the benefits of both cosmetic procedures and comprehensive treatment, all under the same roof.

"Holistic and healing dentistry means improving the overall health and beauty of a person rather than just the individual parts. In this case, we are improving the structure to allow our body to function optimally. Beauty and health are the result of functional harmony within the individual, and I am happy to facilitate it for each and every one of my patients," says Dr. Ang.

Regardless of their goals, Dr. Ang says she urges patients to seek the consultation of an experienced cosmetic dentist before undergoing any procedure. Through proper treatment and an individualized approach, she adds that patients can achieve a more comfortable and confident daily life.

About Susie Ang, DDS

Following graduation from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, Dr. Susie Ang pursued advanced education at the Esthetic Dentistry post-graduate program at SUNY Buffalo, and the Pankey Institute including courses in the diagnosis and treatment of Masticatory System problems. She is a current member of the Academy of General Dentistry, the Toronto Crown and Bridge Study Club, American Academy of CranioFacial Pain, Internationl Organization of Orthodontist, the American Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics, and the American Society for Dental Aesthetics.

Located at 675 Cochrane Drive Suite 506 in Markham, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Ang's practice can be reached at (866) 601-4439. She can also be contacted online via the website

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