Former Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz Partners With FaceLube to Launch Men's Skincare Line

LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TLK Fusion is honored to announce the partnership between FaceLube, the internet's number one ranked skin care for men, and Victor Ortiz to create the Victor Ortiz Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care Pack. This exclusive line, "VO by Victor Ortiz," will launch at the RIO Spa and Salon Labor Day Weekend to coincide with the start of the World Series of Poker Tournaments hosted by the RIO Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, where over 100,000 men are expected to attend. FaceLube is the first eco-friendly, Paraben free, sulfate free, silicone/PEG free, gluten free, fragrance free and Oxybenzone free men's anti-aging skin care of its kind. This is something that no other brand has been able to match, and now, FaceLube is adding a knockout punch to their marketing efforts by adding a Victor Ortiz line. Items in the Victor Ortiz Men's Anti-Aging Skin Care series include a natural anti-aging sunscreen for men and premium anti-aging shaving pack. These are high-end, luxury department store quality products that will soon be available at an affordable price point.

Both FaceLube and Victor Ortiz are valued members of the TLK Fusion family, so when TLK Fusion was given the opportunity to combine the two, the decision was effortless for all parties. TLK Fusion is the same firm that has already contributed to the development of celebrity lifestyle brands of many of Hollywood's finest. TLK Fusion's success can be attributed to combining unprecedented skills in strategic celebrity alignments, and worldwide distribution for brands internationally.

FaceLube is a high-end luxury line of men's grooming, skin care, and anti-aging products built from the ground up for masculine men. The product line has proven results and a large following. Although FaceLube products offer tremendous value for the money, it has a higher price point, so when they had the chance to partner with former WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz to create a line that is easily accessible and even more affordable to the general public, including Victor's fans, there was no denying it was a perfect fit. TLK Fusion Founder/President, Ken Collis, states that "Most anti-aging products are geared towards females, and most people don't realize just how high of a demand there is for a line of quality men's grooming and anti-aging products that are also affordable. We are thrilled about the partnership between FaceLube and Victor Ortiz!" Both Victor Ortiz and FaceLube know how important it is to take good care of our skin, what better to do so than with a line created especially with you, Victor Ortiz fans, in mind!

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About FaceLube Automotive ( FaceLube Automotive is the distributor of the FaceLube brand of high performance men's skin care and anti-aging products. Candace Chen, a 20-year veteran of the automotive industry, founded FaceLube Automotive. Her company is an equipment supplier to many of the top names in the automotive industry. Among her many honors, she is an appointed trade policy advisor on SMEs (Small & Medium Sized Enterprises) to two cabinet level officials - the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Trade Representative. Ms. Chen is a small business advocate whose work includes helping to level the playing field abroad for small American manufacturers. Ms. Chen is a Next Generation member of the Pacific Council on International Policy, the western affiliate of the Council on Foreign Relations.

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