Ether2 Paves the Way for Next-Generation Mobile Communications by Opening Patent to Developers

Concurrent Presentation at SAE on How Smart Cars Can "Go Wireless" and Stop Crashes With Perfected MESH Networks Available on Web

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - Apr 24, 2012) - Last week's SAE Journal publication and the April 26th SAE World Congress presentation are a big deal for DEMOgod and GEW50 awarded company, Ether2, who is seeking to build a developer community, where the innovation behind their 5th patent is now available for free use outside the US.

Ether2 congratulates groups like Calyx for their network privacy pledge and crowdfunding success. Ether2 is also accepting contributions for the launch of the European Union developer community, where the ITU invited Ether2 to the United Nations' World Symposium on the Information Society, May 14-18.

For the transportation industry, Ether2 proposes the adoption of DQWA (Distributed Queuing Wireless Arbiter) to improve overall system performance and expand capabilities via:

  • Energy savings from a 50% weight reduction in copper wires
  • Encrypted virtual wireless LANs for mission critical, voice, audio/video and safety
  • Total RFID inventory supply tracking from factory to inventory to customer
  • MESH sensor networks between vehicles and items such as phones, walkers, canes, back packs and toys collaborating for accident and injury prevention

"With the prospect of carrier class MESH communications among millions of vehicles, Detroit and a willing public may be able to do what has eluded today's carriers: ubiquitous broadband connectivity for the next 100 million US homes. We also propose a new approach to resolving Internet Protocol's trust concerns, including the danger of hacking into a vehicle's controls," said Ether2 evangelist Jonathan Gael. "The Web will never be a trusted architecture, so we've modeled a novel wireless implementation of The Q. as a universal fix for the IP architecture with built-in network security and a migration path for legacy devices."

Paper delivered at SAE 2012 World Congress
"Enabling Exponential Growth of Automotive Network Devices, While Reducing the Wired Communication Infrastructure with Security, Reliability, and Safety," delivered at the SAE 2012 World Congress, held in Detroit, Michigan, April 24-26, 2012.

About Ether2
Ether2 is a team of technology experts, bringing to market Dr. Graham Campbell's invention of Distributed Queue Switch Architecture as "The Q." The Q. is a breakthrough networking technology, clearing the way to a migration path for next generation networks.