eXludus Delivers Industry's First Micro-Virtualization(TM) Solution to Align Processing Resources With Business Needs

Designed for Multicore Systems, Dynamic Project Containers(TM) Technology Automates Workload Detection, Control, and Optimization With no Changes to Applications

MONTREAL, April 25, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Addressing the challenges of optimizing multicore system resources at the application and project level, eXludus Technologies today introduced the industry's first multicore system micro-virtualization solution. The eXludus Micro-Virtualization software creates lightweight micro-containers that hold one or more applications and optimizes the real-time allocation of micro-resources, such as cores and memory. Because of its negligible system and administrative overhead, the eXludus solution expands the market for virtualization, making it suitable for performance-sensitive environments that have avoided virtualization overhead until now. The software can extract up to 70% more throughput from the same resources while acting as a safety net to avoid over-subscription: a common phenomenon that is detrimental to system performance. Since it runs within an operating system, Micro-Virtualization software can be deployed separately from or together with existing server and storage virtualization solutions.

The eXludus Micro-Virtualization suite of software includes the Dynamic Project Containers™, Job Profiler™, and MCOPt Multicore Manager™ software, forming a comprehensive framework for tackling the growing problem of predictable project delivery at the lowest cost in multicore systems. It provides users with guaranteed service levels while enforcing usage policies to meet business objectives.

The eXludus Dynamic Project Containers software holds one or more applications in micro-containers, gathers precise real-time data about each application's resource requirements, and optimally maps these requirements to available resources based on application- or project-level policies.

The eXludus Micro-Virtualization software provides:

  • Guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Dynamic allocations that automatically adjust to specific workload demands
  • Increased system throughput
  • Improved system & application stability
  • Enforced kernel-level priorities; high-value work is not delayed by low-value work
  • Well-behaved users/applications are not penalized by poorly-behaved users/apps
  • No application changes required
  • Simple administration, no learning curve
  • Better Return on Investment (ROI)

For a copy of a white paper describing the eXludus Micro-Virtualization technology, please visit http://www.eXludus.com


"Just as server virtualization has enabled greater resource sharing and optimization for enterprise servers, the eXludus Dynamic Project Containers technology is designed to enable greater resource sharing and optimization for processor cores and memory within enterprise and HPC multicore systems," said Steve Conway, HPC research vice president at IDC.

"The advent of multicore systems created a resource optimization gap that is very similar to what existed in multi-processor servers before server virtualization was invented," said Dan Olds, principal at Gabriel Consulting. "The eXludus micro-virtualization software provides a similar capability at a micro level."

"The increasing number of CPU cores in systems of all types has resulted in a growing challenge to not only exploit available resources but to do so in a predictable manner," said John Barr, Research Director of High Performance Computing at 451 Research. "Micro-virtualization helps data centers and cloud providers get more from their infrastructure." 

"Multicore systems have been a blessing and a curse: even with a code perfectly parallelized and optimized at the higher process and processor levels, there is now strong competition for all micro-resources such as cores and cache memories," said Wolfgang Gentzsch, a pioneer of grid and cloud computing and member of board of directors at eXludus Technologies." The new eXludus micro-virtualization software is the only technology that is able to sort this out and align application requirements with available resources and business needs."

"Until now, customers had to significantly over-provision resources to meet project timelines or risk missing deadlines," said Dale Geldart, CEO of eXludus Technologies. "With the eXludus Micro-Virtualization solution, they have an effective easy-to-deploy solution that has been proving itself at some of the most demanding centers in the world."

About eXludus Technologies

Multicore chips are the power behind smart phones, tablets, PCs, servers, and cloud environments, with a corresponding increase in the amount of memory and I/O. But as the number of cores continues to increase, it becomes harder to deliver a system's power to the applications that need it. This leads to wasted resources and higher costs. Using an innovative Micro-Virtualization technology, eXludus solves that problem by providing the means to accurately sense, control, and optimize overall performance according to policies and events.  All without any changes to applications or operating systems. Visit us at eXludus.com.

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