VPS Launches SmartAlarm Gold

Advanced Alarm Technology With Video Sensor and Verification Provides Highest Level of Protection for Vacant Property

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 8, 2012) - VPS, The Vacant Property Specialists, announced today the launch of its SmartAlarm Gold advanced alarm technology. When SmartAlarm Gold is combined with VPS' new Verifeye Visual camera sensors, it provides complete visual monitoring and protection of vacant properties.

Pairing SmartAlarm Gold with the new Verifeye Visual camera sensor allows full color video clips to be captured and immediately relayed to VPS' 24/7 national monitoring station.

SmartAlarm Gold is an entirely freestanding wireless unit with a long-life battery and on-board tamper detection, providing instant security and alerts on multiple types of incidents including intruders and flooding. Sensors can be fitted both internally and externally to a property to ensure all around visual and movement coverage.

"SmartAlarm Gold with its new Verifeye technology is a great leap forward in the vacant property security market," explained Jim O'Brien, General Manager of VPS Inc., U.S. "Vacant properties, both residential and commercial, continue to be a target of vandals which has a major impact on communities. SmartAlarm Gold is a direct result of our customers' sharing with us their evolving needs and VPS developing solutions that meet those needs. Our goal at VPS is to ensure that our customers get protection, security and peace of mind for their vacant properties."

The new advanced alarm system, designed at VPS' own in-house Technical Innovation Center, can be paired with a wide variety of VPS' state-of-the-art sensors, including pressure mats, door sensors and remote keypads to provide the most sophisticated security solutions for the vacant properties market. In addition, the alarm can be linked to a remote siren, which provides audible and visible indications that an alarm is present.

When activated, each Verifeye Visual camera sensor captures a five second video clip at three frames per second running in color, which is immediately relayed to VPS' 24/7 monitoring station. The state-of-the-art camera sensor has been designed to provide photographic proof of intrusion to help eliminate false alarms; it also provides photographic proof of all personnel entering the premises.

SmartAlarm Gold users can use either a single electronic key -- known as a Personal Identification Device (PID), or a wireless electronic keypad. Both options contain an encrypted serial number and password. These cannot be copied like a traditional key and are used to activate and deactivate the system. Each time the alarm is activated or deactivated the details of the keyholder, date, time, and serial number are logged so an audit trail is created. All information relating to the alarm, including intruder activations, is available on VPS' secure client website.

As the world's leading vacant property specialists, VPS-designed alarms and detectors are manufactured to the highest quality and undergo numerous control tests.

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VPS is the trusted global leader in securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties across a wide range of customer and industry sectors the world over. Providing far more than security, VPS' innovative solutions and expert services allow customers to protect their vacant properties against unauthorized access and property decay.

VPS has 2,000 employees and protects more than 90,000 vacant properties worldwide. VPS prides itself on serving its customers quickly and efficiently, and as soon as a property becomes vacant. Its extensive range of services provides customers with the peace of mind that vacant property is safe and secure, and most importantly, retains its value. The VPS Group also has operations in the United States, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

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