'Tukie Tales' Delivers Positive Messages to Children

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 21, 2012) - Co-authors Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell set out to captivate children and instill positive values, including love and compassion, with their new book series "Tukie Tales, A New Beginning for a Better Tomorrow" (www.tukietales.com).

Burns and Cockrell are sisters, best friends and mothers who were inspired to promote a virtuous message for children, the most impressionable members of society. The sisters grew weary of the bad news they heard involving kids -- from bullying to crimes perpetrated by them.

"There is something especially senseless in reading about small children committing sadistic crimes," Burns says. "We wanted to be part of a 'positive push' in the right direction."

Burns and Cockrell believe that it's important to first capture the imaginations of young children. That's why they chose to make Tukie Tales a five-book series; each short, entertaining story includes multiple lessons shared through colorful characters small children can relate to. The Tukies are young forest creatures who are new to Earth; Jake and Amy are the brother and sister who befriend them.

In the first book, "Lost!", Jake and Amy wander away from home and become lost in the forest as evening and a thunderstorm approach. They meet a talking woodpecker named Lulu who guides them to the Tukies, knowing the savvy creatures can help. Using their special powers, the Tukies show Jake and Amy the value of keeping calm and thinking clearly when under stress.

Colorful, three-dimensional illustrations by Jeff Shultz and Tea Seroya, SC Studio, bring the cast to life.

"I know these stories are for children, but I found myself also enjoying what I was reading!" wrote Laura Jones. "I know my grandchildren will love them too."

Cockrell notes the books are a way for busy parents to teach valuable lessons.

"These days, both parents often work, which means their time with their kids is limited," she says. "Our stories help make the most of that time."

About Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell

Burns and Cockrell are sisters and best friends. They were determined to instill honest and wholesome values in their children after establishing their individual families. Deeply affected by the bad news of the world, they decided to promote a better experience for children. The "Tukie Tales" series is written with compassion and love for all of the world's children in the hope of making a positive difference.

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