Dr. Shui-Yin Lo Accepts Appointment to the Scientist Advisory Board of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine

PANAMA CITY--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine ("ACIM") is pleased to announce the appointment of Shui-Yin Lo, PhD, and Chairman of the Board for Double Helix Water, to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Lo joins a number of internationally acclaimed scientists and medical doctors on the Scientific Advisory Board.

"We are pleased that such an outstanding member of the scientific community has agreed to join us. One of Dr. Lo's first projects is the formation of the School of Quantum Medicine for the Academy. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to the Academy. Until the addition of Dr. Lo, the Academy has been comprised solely of The School of Integrative Medicine," said Dr. Lee Cowden, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board.

"This is a significant step toward the ultimate goal of creating a number of additional schools under the umbrella of the Academy. We hope to add a School of Integrative Nursing and a School of Biological Dentistry in the near future," said Mr. Bill Gonseaux, the CEO of the Academy.

Dr. Lo serves as a Professor of Physics and a Professor of Research in Chinese Medicine at the American University of Complementary Medicine. He is also a Director at the Quantum Health Research Center, Pasadena, CA. He is a former visiting faculty member in the Department of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology (CalTech) and has had visiting faculty appointments with more than ten international centers of excellence, such as Oxford University, Free Berlin University, Stanford, McGill University, Academia Sinica of Beijing, and others. A Ph.D. graduate of the University of Chicago, Dr. Lo holds more than thirty patents and is a prolific writer, having authored four books and more than one hundred peer reviewed professional articles.


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Dr. Shui-Yin Lo, PhD, and Chairman of the Board for Double Helix Water, joins The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine ('ACIM') Scientific Advisory Board.