Altitude Digital Partners Launches New User Interface for Video and Display Advertising

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - May 30, 2012) - Altitude Digital Partners (ADP), is excited to unveil their new User Interface for the latest version of their Next-Generation Supply Side Platform. The user interface was completely re-thought and rewritten both in terms of software technology and methodology. Altitude Digital Partners' new UI is a keystone in ADP's strategy to focus on ease-of-access to data and to provide agility for online publishers to maximize their revenue in the digital advertising marketplace.

ADP's new interface, which has just completed beta testing, is a best-of-breed UI that truly enhances the ability of online publishers' to optimize their revenue. Built using cutting edge data and content monitoring solutions from industry leading Connotate, the new UI provides publishers with up to date analytics of both video and display advertising online. ADP forges a new industry standard by leveraging multiple data streams crucial to a publisher's capacity to make decisions. Publishers not only receive reports on their business, but the insights gained from ADP ad technology allows them to change course on advertising efforts in real-time.

Benefits of ADP's cloud-enabled, fast and intuitive UI include:

  • Standard-measure charts for Revenue, CPM, and Impressions which can be filtered by date, site, and product type.
  • Revenue breakdown per demand source
  • Impression-based traffic data breaking down ad sizes, types, and locations.
  • Traffic-data overlaid on a world map, with impression percentage
  • Video-specific ratio chart showing Click and View-Through percentage

Altitude Digital Partners' COO Devin Yeager stated, "We want our customers to have the most up-to-date technology possible. In order to provide that we must continually rethink and create new solutions like our Next-Gen SSP and now our new UI. Publishers, advertisers, end users, everyone stands to benefit from smarter ad technology."

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Altitude Digital Partners (ADP) is an ad technology firm that empowers publishers to maximize their online revenue. ADP works with hundreds of the world's premier online publishers, providing a full scale Supply-Side Platform and services in yield optimization for display and online video advertising. On average, ADP is able to increase publisher's revenue 30%-300%. For more information visit:

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