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LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 4, 2012) - The following blog from Bob Lorsch, CEO of MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCBB: MMRF), was picked up today and can be viewed at

A little over a year ago, I couldn't even spell "Hockey." Sure, I had heard of Wayne Gretzky and of course I knew Los Angeles had a team. But I had never gone to a game until my wife Kira dragged me to one. She wanted me to bid on a charity auction item to have dinner with Luc Robitaille (Luc who?) and ride the Zamboni (a what?) at a regular season Kings game at Staples Center. "Ok," I said. "Happy wife, happy life, right?"

My biggest concern on game night was: "How long of a break do I have to make phone calls between quarters?" My question was met with a blank stare. "There are three periods in hockey, honey, not quarters," Kira replied.

I was in for a long night. I obviously knew nothing about this sport. However, thousands of loyal fans apparently did. This wasn't your usual golf clapping, polite sports crowd. Men, women and children leapt to their feet cheering on their favorite players, passionately booing the opposing team or a referee's "stupid" call. There was a ton of action on the ice and strangers were high-fiving each other around me left and right.

Then I realized, after about 10 minutes of play, that the score was still 0-0. What was everyone so excited about? I asked Kira during the break between what I now knew to be called a period. "Winning is always better than losing," Kira said. "But it's the grace, the physicality of the game, the creative attempts at goal, the tough body checking, the killer blind pass that set up a possible shot that almost got in, the tense power plays, the amazing goalie saves...they are all stand-up and cheer-worthy!"

"High numbers on the scoreboard doesn't always make for the most exciting match-up," Kira added. "All you need is to win by 1." Kira went on to explain that the Kings were looking great as she went down to the ice to drive the Zamboni. It was amazing watching the Kings at this game dominating play against the Boston Bruins, current Stanley Cup Champions, and that they may be in contention to advance through the playoffs, which hadn't been the case in years. In fact, the Los Angeles Kings haven't been to the finals since the Gretzky and Robitaille days in 1993, almost 20 years ago, and they have never won the prized Stanley Cup.

"Wow," I said. "That is a long time to have an arena full of fans cheering for a losing team." Kira's eyes welled up with tears. Oh, no, what did I do? I was trying to make her happy with this whole hockey night! "The Kings are not losers," Kira stated matter-of-factly. "They have slowly but surely been building a solid team that will be a winner very soon and for many years to come. I believe in the Kings...I believe in Anze Kopitar, the first Slovenian to ever play in the NHL who the Kings franchise molded since 2005 into a star forward. I believe the Kings made the right decision in paying top dollar for the unpredictable, uber-talented defenseman Drew Doughty, who won the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics. I believe we finally have an unflinching, winning goaltender in the young Jonathan Quick." Then she added, "I believe the Kings are the underdogs that are going to go all the way. They are just like MMR - it's their time."

Now, after having watched the eighth-seeded Kings become Western Conference champions by beating the #1 Vancouver Canucks, sweeping the St. Louis Blues in four games, and going head-to-head with the Phoenix Coyotes and winning, to now lead the Stanley Cup Finals 2-0 over the Devils, I finally believe they have a chance. I have been seeing what Kira sees in them and the parallels between a company like MMRGlobal and the LA Kings.

Like the Kings, over the past years MMR has built a solid foundation with what I believe in our case is the best Personal Health Record in the business.

Because of our forward-thinking to build the strongest company long-term, we hold the patents that will make MMR the King of PHRs.

We have obtained the best players with our strategic partners poised to succeed in the health IT space.

We have gone outside-the-box patenting an infrastructure that gives doctors, hospitals and healthcare professionals the ability to digitize patient records using our systems. And we have even included a portfolio of biotech assets to our bench so we can generate cash to recruit a winning roster.

We have outlasted top-seeded opponents Google Health, Revolution Health and other PHRs who dropped out of the running.

MMR is the little start-up engine that is still in the game.

As I attend the first home game of the Stanley Cup championship tonight as a guest of a sponsor and a new fan, I will be rooting for the Kings to take the title of best team in the NHL. As CEO of MMRGlobal, I am grateful for my wife and all of our loyal shareholders who believe in the Company and root the Company on even when the going gets tough.

Though I am not sure who Stanley is, and why everyone is obsessed with his Cup, I do have my eye on the prize and am working hard to take it home to the MMR supporters and make every one of us a winner. MMR is a long time in the making to be #1...Our time is starting now and we are working to claim the prize by 2014!

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