VPS Introduces AC Fortress

New Air Conditioner Security System Protects Against Copper Theft and Is 99.6 Percent Effective Against Vacant Property Break-Ins

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jun 5, 2012) - VPS, The Vacant Property Specialists, has introduced its AC Fortress air conditioner security system. Made from VPS' same 14-gauge steel as the company's well-known security doors and window screens, AC Fortress is 99.6 percent effective against break-ins, common at vacant property locations.

"Copper theft has grown to near epidemic proportions, and according to the U.S. Department of Energy it costs Americans close to $1 billion dollars each year," explained Jim O'Brien, General Manager of VPS Inc., U.S. "AC Fortress is our new solution to help prevent the theft of air conditioning units in vacant properties."

According to O'Brien, due to the rise in metal theft, air conditioning condensers have become an increasingly easy target for thieves. The condenser coils are all copper and the replacement rate for a single condenser can be well over $3,000, depending on the unit.

Traditional cages are commonly used to protect air conditioning units, but are vulnerable to easy break-ins. AC Fortress replaces the cage and literally encapsulates the air conditioning unit with an impenetrable 14-gauge steel protection structure. The product not only provides an imposing physical deterrent, its visual make-up also serves to prevent thefts.

AC Fortress has a unique patented design with proprietary brackets with no pry points to minimize tampering. In addition, the product's exclusive anchoring stakes and process provides 2,000 pounds of resistance at four separate points. VPS custom builds all solutions onsite within a few hours and provides removal services. AC Fortress is a rental solution that provides vacant property managers with great flexibility.

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