Compass Clinical Consulting's "Profiles in Healthcare Leadership" Features R. Edward Howell, CEO, University of Virginia Medical Center

CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwire - Jun 5, 2012) - "Stewardship: The Noblest Form of Leadership - Part II," Profile in Healthcare Leadership by Compass Clinical Consulting, features R. Edward Howell, CEO of University of Virginia Medical Center (UVA). In the second and final part of this Profile in Healthcare Leadership, Mr. Howell discusses:


Stewardship is not about keeping the organization intact; instead, you must make the organization better than you found it. Stewardship is about being accountable. It is future-tense thinking and decision-making with only one goal: leaving your organization better than it is today to serve those who come to us for care.


Recognize that you will create turbulence and discord when implementing change initiatives. Your job is to maximize the amount of change for the turbulence and discord created. It's a part of true change-agent leadership.


  • The balance sheet is just as important as the income statement. Limit your debt. Don't mortgage your future.
  • Great achievements are not children of marginal successes.
  • What's your plan for leaving your organization better than you found it?

Compass Clinical Consulting's Profiles in Healthcare Leadership are the result of interviews with transformational leaders in today's healthcare industry -- men and women who have demonstrated courage, ingenuity and the hard work needed to create dramatic, measurable and sustainable improvements in their hospitals. They challenge assumptions, see things differently and enable remarkable breakthroughs.

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