StarPoint USA and Niyato Industries Enter Into Exclusive Vehicle Distribution Agreement

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PLACENTIA CA, June 6, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PLACENTIA CA, June 8, 2012- StarPoint USA, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an Exclusive Vehicle Distribution Agreement with Niyato Industries Inc. for the distribution of alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles. StarPoint USA introduced and distributed Daewoo brand vehicles to the US market through a nationwide retail distribution network that included more than 500 locations across all of the major US metro markets.  Niyato Industries plans to introduce a number of alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles starting in the July time frame that includes a full range of vehicle options for US consumers.

StarPoint USA, Inc. initially imported and distributed Daewoo brand vehicles to the US market through over 500 independent retail dealerships as Daewoo Motor America.    StarPoint continues today to support both its nationwide retail dealership network and Daewoo owners with Genuine Parts and warranty administration.  "StarPoint is the only US market vehicle distributor with a nationwide presence that is not exclusive or 'captive' to any other vehicle manufacturer brand," observes StarPoint's President & CEO Ben Rainwater.  "We offer virtually 'turn-key' US market vehicle distribution capabilities to Niyato Industries that is ready to move its vehicle models to the US consumers in all major markets across the US," continued Mr. Rainwater. 

Starting in the second quarter of 2011, StarPoint USA, Inc. entered into a discussion with Green Automotive Company regarding their possible acquisition of StarPoint USA's vehicle distribution capabilities by Green Automotive Company.  Due to a lack of progress despite a lengthy negotiation process, StarPoint USA terminated its negotiations with Green Automotive Company.

Niyato Industries is an American company based in Las Vegas where it plans to convert already time tested new gasoline vehicles into alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles, that are "made in the US by US workers for US consumers".  Niyato will use a unique approach to producing vehicles for the US market.  Instead of designing and building vehicles from "the ground up", Niyato will utilize proven, existing vehicle platforms built here in the United States for the alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles market allowing Niyato Industries to take full advantage of the inherent vehicle design, safety and regulatory compliance, and existing market awareness. Leslie Stencil, Niyato Industries CEO stated, "Niyato Industries is an eco-friendly, alternative fuel and all-electric vehicle manufacturer focused on providing 'green', cost-effective and affordable transportation solutions to US consumers."

 "The alliance formed by the agreement between StarPoint and Niyato "makes good business sense", stated Ben Rainwater.  "Niyato is ready to bring a number of alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles to US consumers and our proven retail dealership network is excited to have the opportunity to do what they do best in their respective geographic locations in 'key' markets across the US, which is representing, selling and supporting Niyato brand vehicles", continued Mr. Rainwater. 

The United States has long been working to reduce both vehicle emissions and its dependency on foreign oil and Niyato industries will provide another alternative to supporting that mandate.  As vehicle production ramps up at Niyato Industries along with simultaneous vehicle distribution activities at StarPoint, in support of Niyato brand vehicles, both companies will create new job opportunities for American workers and both companies are dedicated to giving priority to hiring American veterans for many of the newly created job openings.        

About StarPoint USA, Inc.: StarPoint USA, Inc. is a US company based in Southern California since 1997 with proven experience in the introduction, marketing, distribution, sales and support of new vehicles to the US market.  The StarPoint management team consists of auto industry professionals with real "hands-on" experience distributing, marketing and supporting new vehicle brands to the US market.  Additionally, StarPoint USA has a fully developed Vehicle Distribution System that is capable of processing numerous transactions related to vehicle distribution, parts operations, warranty administration, customer relations, dealer communications, external supplier transactions, etc.  StarPoint USA is doing business in all 50 states and maintains a network of independent retail dealerships located in all of the major US metro markets that have a proven track record of selling and supporting thousands of vehicles annually. 

About Niyato Industries: Niyato Industries is a US company based in Las Vegas and is a Licensed Automobile Manufacturer and a Federal Contractor. The company will convert gasoline vehicles to alternative fuel and all-electric vehicles under the Clean Air Act SEC. 247. VEHICLE CONVERSIONS.  The company will not outsource jobs and plans to do everything it can to help to keep America's work force employed.  Niyato's business model is very simple: convert an already existing, time tested, new gasoline vehicle to an alternative fuel or all-electric vehicle for a more sustainable economic model.  Additionally, Niyato plans to sell its all-electric models to the US government to help the government fulfill its quota of fleet conversions to alternative fuels by 2015.  Niyato will also be converting vehicles for rental and fleet operators and for consumers who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their vehicle related costs. Niyato Industries is a Cleantech company.  Niyato Industries has filed its Reg. D 505 and 506 with the SEC and has already blue skied its current offering in 15 states and expects to register in all 50.

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