VIDEO from Gardener's Confidence Collection and Synaptic Digital: Choose the best new plants for container gardens and beyond

Marietta, GA, June 7, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As gardeners make the most of the growing season, Gardener's Confidence Collection is offering the best new plants for container gardening and beyond. Specifically, Gardener's Confidence Collection recommends its Blue Suede Blueberry, Razzle Dazzle Dwarf Crapemyrtles, Mini Penny Hydrangea and Blue Cascade and Emerald Heights Distylium.

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If you've never experienced fresh blueberries straight from the bush, prepare your taste buds. Gardener's Confidence Collection has just introduced the new, easy to grow Blue Suede Blueberry, which produces an abundance of plump blueberries for an extended growing period. Unique in that the Blue Suede is self-fertile, you need only plant one to produce the tasty and nutritious fruit. That makes Blue Suede ideal even for smaller gardens, where space is at a premium, and for container gardens.

Plant Blue Suede in a container with herbs such as parsley, creeping rosemary, sage and thyme for an edible garden.

For beautiful blooms in a container, turn to Gardener's Confidence Collection's Razzle Dazzle Dwarf Crapemyrtles such as the Cherry Dazzle and Berry Dazzle and the ever-favorite Mini Penny Hydrangea.

As they are much smaller than most, the dwarf crapemyrtles work exceptionally well in a container, where they explode into bloom from summer into fall. And the Mini Penny's compact form is ideal for containers and small gardens, providing repeat blooms from early summer through fall.

Looking beyond the container to the yard, Gardener's Confidence Collection is offering two new plants to spruce up a tired landscape - Blue Cascade and Emerald Heights Distylium. Both are sun-loving and easy to grow.

With its dense, compact form, the colorful Blue Cascade grows to 4 feet by 4 feet. Its matte blue-green foliage dons red flowers in late winter.

Great as a cutting for floral arrangements, too, the branches of Blue Cascade create a beautiful filler that lasts for weeks.

Emerald Heights is the perfect buffer and a great replacement for laurels and hollies. Growing to 6 feet by 6 feet, the plant's maroon flowers blossom in winter against the year-round dark green foliage.

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The Gardener's Confidence Collection brand ensures the best in disease resistance, prolific blooms, beautiful foliage and form. Billed as "A Garden You Can Count On," its products represent years of breeding to ensure the plants' success in the garden. Products include crapemyrtles, hydrangea and loropetalums grown by growers across the nation.


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