Rainbow Light and Cousteau's Plant A Fish Celebrate World Oceans Day With Commitment to Save Endangered Sea Turtles

SANTA CRUZ, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 8, 2012) - In celebration of World Oceans Day, Rainbow Light has committed to save 20,000 endangered sea turtles this year by donating a portion of the proceeds from its ocean derived nutritional supplements to famed ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau's Plant A Fish initative.

The eastern Pacific hawksbill turtles are the most endangered population of sea turtles in the world. Hope was lost to save them until very recently when a small but viable population was found nesting in the mangroves of El Salvador. That's when Fabien Cousteau, grandson of noted oceanographic explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, stepped in with his grassroots Plant A Fish initiative and started working directly with the local community and turtle egg hunters (tortugeros) to bring about positive change for the endangered population. His goal is to release one billion baby sea turtles in El Salvador and other countries to a viable environment.

"Without partners like Rainbow Light, this initiative would not be possible," says Cousteau. "When companies step up to the environmental challenges we face with our oceans there is hope for a huge impact."

Proceeds from Rainbow Light's Omega Brain Performance, Omega Cardio Performance and Omega Skin and Mood fish oil supplements will directly contribute to Cousteau's Plant A Fish program. Additional conservation initiatives include Rainbow Light's unique Eco Guard bottles that reduce the company's carbon footprint by 92 percent, according to Container Recycling Institute. Rainbow Light is the first supplement company to use bottles made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled and recyclable material. Furthermore, all of the company's Omega Performance supplements are produced using wild caught non-endangered small fish sourced from the deep, pure, cold waters in Peru, the world's No. 1 ranked fishery ecosystem.

"We are very aware of the leadership role we have as a company in the supplement industry so we take every sustainability effort to heart and hope that other companies will do so as well," says Linda Kahler, president of Rainbow Light. "We see an integral relationship between personal and planetary health; this guides our company and is a primary mission."

World Oceans Day is an international observance day on June 8, for the public to learn more about the ocean and take action to help conserve it (www.worldoceansday.org).

"The ocean is literally our lifeline," says Cousteau. "Without it we will perish. There may not be enough time to save it if we are just dedicating ourselves to ocean stewardship and restoration. We need to educate coastal communities and beyond on how to incorporate ocean conservation efforts into their daily lives."

For more information on Rainbow Light's conservation efforts and products, visit: www.rainbowlight.com. To get involved with Plant A Fish, visit: www.plantafish.org.

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