Veterinarians Raise Awareness for Pet Owners About Pet Dental Care

PORTLAND, Ore., June 10, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Portland Veterinarian Dr. Kenneth DeRemer and his team are promoting awareness about the importance of dental care for pets. They are working to educate pet owners on how to recognize pet dental problems and when to take their pets for a check-up. They want pet owners to understand how an animal's oral health and hygiene affect a pet's entire physical health. The clinic recently purchased new state of the art digital dental x-ray equipment to provide a more thorough evaluation of a pet's mouth.

The Portland veterinarian at Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic, Dr. DeRemer, is actively working to raise awareness about the necessity of maintaining sound dental health in dogs, cats and other household pets. According to the clinic's veterinary team, regular pet dental check-ups and teeth cleaning can not only help pets maintain healthier teeth and gums, but also have a positive effect on a pet's overall health. Bad breath, bleeding or excessive drooling can be a sign of decay and disease that can affect not only an animal's mouth, but also other parts of the body such as the heart, liver, kidney and lungs. That's why the Portland veterinarian and his team are actively educating pet owners about the importance of pet dental care.

According to the dog and cat clinic, a sound dental care program includes regular oral examinations by a veterinarian. Tartar build-up, inflamed gums, cavities and missing teeth are all issues that demand veterinary care. Typically, the Portland veterinarian will schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning, and if necessary, dental surgery.

The clinic's team can demonstrate for owners how to brush their pets' teeth at home, and advise them on what type of toothbrush and toothpaste to use, and how often. In addition, dental rinses, dental chews and foods can be used to supplement professional and at-home pet dental care.

"People often think of an animal clinic as the place to take your pet for emergency veterinary care, vaccinations or dog surgery. What they don't realize is that veterinarians also provide quality dental services for dogs and cats – and keeping a pet's teeth healthy is an important step to keeping the whole pet healthy," said Dr. DeRemer.

The clinic recently purchased a SOPiX system, which is state of the art digital dental radiology equipment. Dr. DeRemer indicated that the new radiology system enhances the clinic's diagnostic capabilities as they can look beneath the gum lines, inside the teeth, and follow the progression of a pet's teeth or periodontal disease.

"Our new dental x-ray system will increase the amount of pathology detected, leading to healthier patients and happier clients who will notice a difference in how their pet feels," said the veterinarian.

Peninsula Dog and Cat Clinic provides veterinary services to dogs, cats, pocket pets and chickens. Dr. DeRemer and his team provide general medical and surgical services, as well as preventative and wellness care designed to keep pets healthy and happy.

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