Better Business Bureau Partners With Shingler Law & Mediation to Provide Mediation Services for North San Diego and Imperial Counties

SAN DIEGO, June 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Better Business Bureau of San Diego and Imperial Counties ("BBB") and the Law & Mediation Office of Arthur L. Shingler III, Esq. ("Law & Mediation") have partnered to provide mediation services to North San Diego and Imperial County consumers and BBB member companies.

"I'm very much looking forward to this partnership and am confident it will be of great benefit to the BBB, as well as the businesses and consumers in the San Diego area," said BBB Arbitration and Mediation Specialist Michael W. Sedio.

"We are pleased to assist the Better Business Bureau in this way," added Law & Mediation founder Arthur Shingler. "The BBB's emphasis on promoting business ethics through integrity, open communication and education is perfectly aligned with the principles that guide our dispute-resolution services."

BBB mediation is directed at finding meaningful and cost-effective resolution of marketplace disputes between consumers and BBB member companies without having to incur the expense and time associated with arbitration or litigation. In mediation, a knowledgeable and impartial mediator helps the parties identify their interests, clarifies the issues, and works with them to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution. Mediation is wholly voluntary by the parties and the mediator does not decide the merits of the parties' claims, or who is right or wrong.

"Often," continued Shingler, "disputing parties can reach a truly win-win agreement without risking the all-or-nothing results of a lawsuit."


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