Internet Matrix, Inc. Launches New SEM Video and Media Service

San Diego, California, UNITED STATES

MIRA MESA, Calif., June 17, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Internet Matrix, Inc., a San Diego-based Web Marketing company, announced the launch of a new SEM Media Service. The service is being added to their existing SEO and Social services. The new Media Service includes custom video production, publishing, syndication, and advertising and is designed as a comprehensive service for healthcare practices in the chiropractic, dental, and veterinary fields. The Media Service extends their lead in the industries where they have focused their marketing services, according to the company.

"Video is one of the most impactful marketing mediums. Many recent studies have shown that online visitors who watch a video are far more likely to purchase the featured product or service. We are incredibly excited to launch our new Media Service which will enable our clients to take their SEO optimization to the next level and increase conversions," said Asaf Benheim, CEO and co-founder of Internet Matrix, Inc.

According to Internet Matrix, Inc. (iMatrix), the core of the Media Service is the custom introductory video, or video documercial. The documercial service includes on-site video filming by a professional videographer at the client's practice, voiceover editing, incorporation of text and graphics, and an editing process. The documercial is a professionally produced 1 to 2 minute video that is intended to capture the essence of the practice.

The Media Service also includes video syndication and video advertisements. The documercial is syndicated through hundreds of video sites to achieve maximum reach. Benheim further stated that syndication greatly extends the visibility of the Documercial and that video ads are also used to drive traffic to the website. 

"Video increases link backs and drives conversion which is very important for the success of a company's web presence," said Rob Lewis, Director of Brand for iMatrix. "Infusing the reach of the Documercial through syndication and video ads makes the impact of the service all the more compelling."

iMatrix manages and coordinates the filming, editing, publishing, syndicating, advertising, and converting the video viewers into patients for the practice. Lewis said, "This new, dynamic Media Service allows a practice to showcase their philosophy."

The components of the Media Service include a semi-custom website, the iMatrix Social Media Service (including Facebook, Google +, and Twitter), the 1 to 2 minute custom documercial, syndication of the custom video, and a custom-created 15-second in-stream video of the practice. The 15-second in-stream video ad will be posted monthly and is linked to the practice's documercial. More information about this Media Service and the services offered by iMatrix can be found on their industry websites: ChiroMatrix, VetMatrix, DentalMatrix, and AcuMatrix.

Internet Matrix, Inc. empowers businesses to succeed locally through affordable Web Marketing services. iMatrix creates Web Marketing solutions for the Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Veterinarian and Dental markets. iMatrix creates semi-custom websites, SEO, managed social networking (Social Service), video marketing (Media Service), and other marketing services for niche healthcare industries.

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