Version 6.1 of the Widen Media Collective Digital Asset Management System Brings Improvements to Uploading and Metadata Entry

The Latest Iteration of the Madison, Wisconsin-Based DAM Software Provider's Offering Is Built for a More Efficient User Experience and Increased Control Over Digital Assets

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - Jun 19, 2012) - Widen Enterprises, a Madison, Wisconsin-based digital asset management (DAM) software and premedia services company, has updated its software-as-a-service (SaaS) DAM offering to version 6.1. The latest iteration of its cloud-based DAM software, called Media Collective, brings a functionality changes that enhance the efficiency and usefulness of the system at various points in the digital asset lifecycle.

"With the 6.1 upgrade comes polish and features that we know users will appreciate right away. For example, the new Upload Wizard speeds up the upload process for all users and helps administrators add metadata as part of the upload process. Collections are now easier to use, with a new slide show function for users that receive shared links. With the new technology we have put in place over the past year, we have all sorts of new ways we can enhance the user experience," said Widen Software Development & Infrastructure Manager Deanna Ballew.

Highlights of the Media Collective update to version 6.1 include:

Enhanced upload workflow - The new Upload Wizard allows users with the appropriate permissions to add metadata, adjust security settings, assign categories and add assets to collections -- all as part of the upload process. In addition, the new upload process includes drag-and-drop support across all browsers and operating systems and image editing features.

Full data exports - Administrators (and users with permission) can export all data pertaining to assets, including metadata, uploads, orders and users.

New Collections share page design - Users are now able to more thoroughly and efficiently review Collections that have been shared with them. Slide show mode allows users to view full-screen images with keyboard navigation, asset previews are larger and include a zoom tool, and videos can be played back in HD.

Order administration updates - Administrators can now review and edit orders in the Order Administration section.

Improved metadata palette controls - Users adding metadata from a list will now have a simpler tool for doing so, featuring single-click Add buttons and "Remove All" functionality.

Dynamic Media Building features - Dynamic Media Builder is a Collective add-on that enables users to create custom, branded, professional-quality print promotions on the fly. Dynamic Media Building has a new UI that includes the user experience enhancements from the core DAM solution and an updated build process.

"We issue updates to the Media Collective regularly, and they always enhance the effectiveness and usefulness of the software," said Widen Marketing Manager Jake Athey. "That's always great, but getting a better return on your DAM investment doesn't always feel exciting. With this update, we think we're delivering something that our customers will not only find valuable, but also very cool."

This latest iteration of the Widen Media Collective is up and running for all Widen customers, and many have already offered positive feedback on the newest version of the software. One administrator even started an online chat with Widen's customer support staff just to remark on how satisfied she was with the version 6.1 Uploader update.

The update comes just months before Widen's first annual digital asset management User Summit, which will be hosted September 17-19 in Madison, Wisconsin. DAM administrators and others from at least 38 organizations will meet to exchange insights, best practices, and feedback on the Widen Media Collective.

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