Aeries Analytics Recommends HoverCam

SAN DIEGO, June 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HoverCam document cameras were recognized by Aeries® Analytics (Eagle Software) this week. This combination introduces a new level of optimal results for users of both companies' products.

This partnership is beneficial to teachers and school districts alike to collect data from classrooms by using HoverCam T3 cameras to scan the results of quizzes and tests. Teachers can use the data to inform classroom instruction.

Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. is the designer of HoverCam document cameras and software. Based in San Diego, California, HoverCam has been involved in efforts to improve learning and communication in the classroom. In addition to presentation, the HoverCam can be used for OCR, digital signature, video recording and much more. A principal differentiation to other document cameras is that the HoverCam has an MSRP approximately half the cost of comparable education technology.

Aeries is the most widely used Student Information System in California and with the inclusion of Aeries Analytics, a next generation, fully integrated testing and assessment system, schools can make the most out of the extensive information stored and managed within Aeries. Located in Anaheim, California, Eagle Software has been providing school administration solutions since 1995.


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