Shaken. Not Stirred: DLU Vodka Shakes Things Up With TLK Fusion

LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DLU Vodka is proud to announce that they are about to shake up Hollywood with powerhouse Hollywood marketing and distribution firm, TLK Fusion. DLU Vodka stands for "Delicious Lavish Unexpected," and was conceived by CEO and President of Don't Let Up, Inc. Trish Byrd; her number one goal was to create Premium Vodka that delivers a smooth taste in an uncanny beautiful bottle. Now, TLK Fusion is proud to say Trish Byrd has achieved just that, through the distillation process that is 10 times filtered through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock and distributed in a bottle any lady would want to save! Choose the beautifully decorated bottle with Swarovski crystals or, if your pallet desires, opt for a bottle sans stones. That's right - every 750ml bottle of DLU Vodka is a 'Lavish' work-of-art…a classy look for a high-class taste. Trish Byrd has several surprises up her sleeve; the 'unexpected' element is her trademark. One would never expect vodka to taste this good, and every event DLU Vodka throws has a surprise element for attendees, weather it's a diamond raffle or and surprise celebrity guest, they are not to be missed!

Founded in 2009, DLU Vodka already has a fair share of nightclub & bar action in Las Vegas. Already a hit at the convention shows for their out-of-the-box marketing approach and proud American heritage, as this Premium Vodka is made from the finest grains in America and its pristine mountain spring water, it's no wonder every pallet enjoys the refreshing taste. DLU Vodka has already been featured on several episodes of the Cooking Channel's show 'Hotmixology' and is slated to participate in multiple high-end summer events where taste matters, and presentation is everything.

Ken Collis, President and Co-Founder of TLK Fusion had this to say about DLU Vodka: "We only work with the best, and this vodka not only has the taste to compete with every premium vodka on the top shelf but Trish is a phenomenal business woman and I can not wait to make magic together! The creativity behind this brand is not only exciting but will take the market by storm."

DLU Vodka is available through direct sales via the company's website with corporate sales personnel waiting to assist and meet the needs of customers on behalf of their Sales Department. For Sales and Distribution, DLU offers their number (650) 521-2797 as well as an email address:

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ABOUT DLU Vodka ( DLU Vodka was conceived by Trish Byrd, CEO and President of Don't Let up, Inc. Her goal was to create a Premium Vodka that not only was "Delicious" and "Lavish" but delivers and "Unexpected" smooth and exquisite taste. The Don't Let Up, Inc. family of companies and divisions include DLU Diamonds & Jewelry, DLU Apparel and DLU Spirits, which distribute DLU Vodka.

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