"Winning the Energy Wars" Includes 3-Step Action Plan

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Jun 29, 2012) - Energy is at the heart of America's biggest problems, says R. Paul Williamson, former executive director of Hydrogen and Alternative Research and Development for the University of Montana and author of "Winning the Energy Wars, A Sustainable Energy Plan for America's Future," www.usa-sep.com.

His new book confronts a host of energy-related challenges, including oil supply shortages, gasoline price increases, increasing national debt, out-of-touch government leaders and departments, international security turmoil, uncertain energy supplies and expanding environmental impacts.

It also lays out a detailed plan and timeline for addressing all of them.

"If we continue without a long-term energy plan, then 'wars of choice,' as we've faced in the oil-rich nation of Iraq, will become wars of necessity," Williamson says.

His plan includes three key steps:

  • Decommission the U.S. Department of Energy.  It has done nothing to create a sustainable energy plan in its 35 years of existence. Such a strategic plan isn't even a goal. Why? Politics, and special interest groups that are unwilling to examine the big picture that would truly fulfill the DOE's mission: "To ensure America's security and prosperity." 
  • Create a Governors National Sustainable Energy Council. Direct the work of implementing the energy plan to leaders who are already doing that; 30 states have adopted goals for sustainable energy. The council would have a rotating two-year board consisting of two governors from each of five regions, and three at-large governors. Funding from the decommissioned Department of Energy and other energy budgets would be diverted to the council.
  • Enact legislation to establish funding. A National Alternative Energy Bond Fund would provide low-interest loans to new and redirected companies, entrepreneurs, and other businesses focused on domestic energy development. This could be funded through a surcharge on finite fuel use and users, sales of Alternative Energy Series "AE" bonds, and the Invest in America program through trades of stocks and bonds.

About R. Paul Williamson

R. Paul Williamson is the CEO of Sustainable Systems of Colorado. He has served as a dean at four colleges including the University of Montana, where he created the Montana Hydrogen Futures Project to create a plan for a statewide hydrogen-based economy. Presently, he is working to establish a sustainable future for the US; deployment of an H2 maglev PRT monorail system; a sustainable smart home development; and an H2 Futures Business Park.

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