"Manny Jones and the Place" Offers Contemporary Odyssey-like Journey

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) - "Manny Jones and the Place," (www.elijustsupernaturalwriter.com), book one in author Eli Just's new series, Manny Jones Supernatural Mystery Series, asks whether it's possible that scientists are so unable to see the forest for the trees that they're missing out on a kind of "super science?"

Just's novel delves into various cultural traditions that yield insight to a deeper reality. Biblical stories and characters, quantum theory and the Mayan precession all dramatize the Odyssey-like journey of protagonist Manny Jones.

"We are taught to be so logical throughout the course of our lives that we lose sight of the big picture -- we become spiritually myopic by adulthood," says Just. "Instead of patting ourselves on the back because of how far we've gotten with technology, perhaps we should consider how little we've done with a fractured worldview."

Jones is quite comfortable as a hard-drinking, chain-smoking and skirt-chasing blues musician in a southern city. While enjoying some R&R on property he owns in the country, "the Place," he begins to experience a series of unexplainable yet fortuitous conveniences.

He meets the woman of his dreams, Dolly, during this time. It turns out these strange occurrences are for a reason -- Abel, the first-born from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden -- is enlisting Jones and Dolly to guide Earth through a very bumpy ride throughout the next several years. When Dolly turns up missing, Jones has a personal reason to endure the supernatural circus and save the world: He needs to recover the love of his life.

"I think that so many people are just fed up with putting explanations of the world and the human experience into neat, tidy little categories," Just says. "Everything is connected, and I believe scientists severely handicap themselves with the myth of 'non-overlapping magisteria,' or the idea that science and religion should be kept apart."

About Eli Just

Eli Just is the author of several books including the popular "Manny Jones" series of Supernatural thrillers and "The Eddy." He has a master's in history from Southeastern Louisiana University and is a self-taught student of physics, which he taught at the high school level. As a Christian, Just enjoys exploring themes involving physics and its relationship to religion. He lives in northern Georgia.

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