Informtest and STAr Technologies Join the AXIe Consortium

NIWOT, CO--(Marketwire - Jul 12, 2012) - Informtest, Ltd. and STAr Technologies, Inc. have recently joined the AXIe Consortium. AXIe (AdvancedTCA extensions for instrumentation and test) is an open modular test standard that enables a robust ecosystem of components, products and systems for general purpose instrumentation and semiconductor test. The AXIe Consortium, Inc. was launched in November 2009 to create a global infrastructure to develop and promote the AXIe standard. 

AXIe promises a number of benefits for these new members of the consortium that will improve their ability to meet the demanding test requirements from next-generation electronic products. AXIe offers higher performance per rack inch, greater scalability, easy integration with PXI, LXI and IVI, more modularity, more flexibility, and significant reduction of development and unit costs. 

"We welcome the demonstrated technical foresight of Informtest and STAr Technologies in helping us advance the AXIe specifications. In FY2012 we have increased our membership 50%. We expect to see the number of AXIe-based products steadily increasing in the next year. Already AXIe products have offered unrivaled performance to the marketplace," said Von Campbell, chairman of the AXIe board of directors.

Informtest, Ltd.

Informtest's main activity is the development, manufacturing and supply of VXIbus and LXI measurement systems. Such systems are widely used during testing of high-tech complex products like different spacecraft, planes, turbine engines, new types of chips, etc. Holding "Informtest" is the leading Russian manufacturer of this kind of equipment. In 1998 Informtest became the first Russian company to join the VXIbus plug&play Alliance. They have since joined the VXIbus Consortium as a Sponsor member and the LXI Consortium as an Executive member. The newest components and most modern technical approaches are used in Informtest VXI and LXI systems for their highest quality.

"We are glad to be a part of AXIe consortium for a number of reasons. We strongly believe that AXIe will allow developing of new level of ATE systems, which can be used in additional fields with modular systems applications. We think that AXIe will provide new means for development of systems for functional control of electronic equipment, telemetry systems of new generation with measuring mezzanines, systems of electronic components test. We are also looking forward to transferring some of our instruments that are already successfully being used in LXI and VXI systems, over to a new AXIe standard. We think that AXIe will be very successful in competing with other technical solutions for developing of new ATEs," said Serguei Zaitchenko, Informtest, Ltd.

STAr Technologies, Inc.
STAr Technologies, Inc. was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. STAr is an acronym for "Semiconductor Test Architects" and -- as in the name -- they are architects with leading technologies for semiconductor test solutions. STAr Technologies provides intellectual property, software, hardware, consumables, service and expertise to meet the requirements and challenges within the semiconductor industries. Their expertise spans parametric electrical tests (E-test), wafer-level and package-level reliability (WLR & PLR), mixed signal tests, assembly and packaging services, probe cards, load boards, test interfaces and sockets. STAr Technologies' continuous research and innovation brings leading products and solutions to their customers with revolutionary performance and the lowest cost-of-ownership (COO).

About the AXIe Consortium

The founding members of the AXIe Consortium are Aeroflex Corporation, Agilent Technologies Inc., and Test Evolution Corporation. AXIe is an emerging instrumentation standard based on AdvancedTCA (ATCA) with extensions for instrumentation and test. The mission of the AXIe Consortium is to provide an open standard that creates a robust ecosystem of components, products and systems for general purpose instrumentation and semiconductor test. AXIe leverages existing standards from PXI, LXI and IVI. AXIe promises high scalability and performance that will address a range of platforms including ATE systems, rack-and-stack modular, bench top, and module plug-ins.

AXIe Consortium membership is open to all vendors who agree with the stated goals and intend to provide solutions to the marketplace.


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