Who Else Wants to Bet Kobe's Team 2012 Can Beat Jordan's Dream Team 1992?


SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, July 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recent comments by basketball Olympian Kobe Bryant, when asked whether or not Team USA 2012 could beat the historic Dream Team 1992, have sparked a media frenzy. How much so?

Suffice it to say that it has another basketball player and 1992 Dream Team member laughing his pants off, none other than the legendary Michael Jordan.

The interview has even caught the attention of the betting world. The leading online sportsbook SportsBettingOnline has just released odds for a number of prop bets that pit the performance of the 2012 Olympic basketball team against the Dream Team of 1992, including whether Kobe Bryant will surpass Michael Jordan's scoring average, and whether the United States men's basketball team will walk away with a win margin of 43.9 points or higher.

"Kobe Bryant had Michael Jordan laughing out loud with his recent comments about his 2012 roster being able to beat the Dream Team of 1992," stated Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker of SportsBettingOnline. "His 'airness' is a proud man and the comments have incited some much-needed interest in the upcoming Olympics. We always try to make betting a little more exciting and the market we have created as a result of these comments will encourage a lot of unique action. We're already seeing lots of interest in our Kobe Bryant-inspired odds, particularly on our scoring margin Yes bet."

The Dream was the first American Olympic team ever assembled featuring active NBA players. The roster included NBA powerhouses like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, and Patrick Ewing. The team won their games by an overall average of 43.8 pts, and beat Croatia in the gold medal game by 32 points.

This year's Olympic basketball squad will see Bryant team up with the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, and more. SportsBettingOnline has announced odds for the United States men's national basketball team winning the Gold Medal. The -800 odds on a Yes bet are now listed at the online sportsbook. A No bet comes in at +600.

Sports bettors can also bet on whether the 2012 United States men's national basketball team will score a win margin of 43.9 points or higher, surpassing the Dream Team's win margin of 43.8 points. A Yes bet comes in at +800 and a No bet comes in at -1200.

But perhaps generating the most interest at SportsBettingOnline will be the bet that pits Bryant against Jordan. The online sportsbook is inviting members to bet on whether Kobe Bryant will exceed Michael Jordan's 1992 Olympic scoring average of 14.9 points per game. A Yes bet comes in at -240 and a No bet is listed at +200.

More information on SportsBettingOnline's Olympic basketball odds plus the site's famous 10% cash back offer can be found at SportsBettingOnline.

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