CREDIT AGRICOLE SA : Press release Crédit Agricole S.A Precisions following the article in the Financial Times

Montrouge cedex, FRANCE

Press release

Paris, 19th July 2012 - Following an article in today's Financial Times about the suspected involvement of traders at French banks - including Crédit Agricole CIB - in the attempted manipulation of benchmark rates by Barclays bank from 2005 to 2009, Crédit Agricole SA would like to make it clear that:

  • It was not a Libor panel bank between 2005 and 2009. It only became a contributor in November 2010. 

  • Furthermore, it has only been contributor to USD Libor since February 2011. 

  • It has responded to requests for information from various authorities as it always does. 

  • It has not been accused of any wrongdoing.  


19.07.2012 UK CASA press release