Jolie Adamson Sings National Anthem on Thursday July 26th at Farmers Classic Presented by Mercedes-Benz

LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Young Hollywood Starlet Jolie Adamson will sing the National Anthem on Thursday, July 26, 2012 during The 18th Annual Kid's Day of The Farmer's Classic presented by Mercedes -Benz. The Farmers Classic ATP Men's Tennis Open will be held at the LA Tennis Center at UCLA. Forecasters predict it will be a beautiful day for all ages, especially kids, to watch some incredible tennis matches, win prizes, and hear the astounding vocals of Jolie Adamson. The day's events begin at 9:30 a.m. and climaxes with a performance by Adamson at noon that is not to be missed.

Jolie Adamson is a 20-year-old quadruple threat princess, quickly on her way to becoming a queen! She is a singer, actor, model, and dancer who has been performing in front of live audiences for ten years. She has appeared in television shows such as Criminal Minds, The Sing Off's Opening Title Sequence for 13 weeks, CSI: Las Vegas and Disney's Shake it Up. Apart from television she has had principal roles in many short films and recently sang solo in a feature film still in production. Adamson has studied dance in the genres of solo tap, group tap, and jazz. Her singing talents range from opera and musical theater all the way to pop. Adamson released her first original song titled "Armour" in 2011 and has already received more than 1,250,000 views on YouTube. As a model, she was a top 10 finalist in the 2010 Miss Teen Malibu Pageant and you have seen her face in campaigns or fashion shows for Nordstrom's, Runway Boutique, Jared Jewelers, and Centex Homes. The possibilities for this young starlet are endless and her vocal talents can be witnessed live, in just two days!

Come and spot many international stars of tennis right in L.A.'s backyard and watch a performance by a singer that many kids have already fallen in love with and consider a role model. The Farmer's Classic Kid's Day festivities begin at 9:30 a.m. this Thursday and offers FREE admission to kids under 16 until noon.

For more information on this event visit Follow Jolie Adamson on twitter (@JolieAdamson) for updates, performances, or to see what's she's working on next and be sure to "Like" her on Facebook

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About Jolie Adamson ( Jolie Adamson is a 20-year-old quadruple threat on the rise in the entertainment industry. As an actor, dancer, singer and model, Adamson has made appearances in multiple renowned television shows and films. She released her debut single titled "Armour" in 2011 that has over 1,250,000 YouTube views. Adamson is not only a vocal talent but is equally skilled in piano and harp. With her amazing range of talents, Jolie Adamson has the "it" factor that will always set her apart.

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